The Gift of Hospice

A turn-key event to raise awareness of the power of hospice and raise funds to support your mission

"300 people came to our first Gift of Hospice event. That’s a lot of people for our small town. We even had to set up extra tables! This fund raiser succeeded beyond our wildest imagination—we made over $60,000—four times more than any previous fund raiser. Our planning committee including hospice staff, volunteers and community supporters, made full use of the script and the project plan. The Gift of Hospice was received with energy and enthusiasm by our community. Guests laughed and cried as our families told their stories and Karen Taylor-Good sang her amazing songs. We truly celebrated the gift our hospice is to this rural area of Northwest Indiana. We are grateful that Karen pushed us to 'Get a Bigger Pan!'"

Marjorie Egger, Chaplain & Bereavement Coordinator
Jasper County Hospital, Home Health & Hospice
Renssalaer, Indiana


Featuring live performances by Grammy-nominee Karen Taylor-Good and powerful testimonials by local hospice supporters, this free one-hour program will make an indelible impression on your guests and develop hundreds of ambassadors for hospice.

Close to $1 million has been raised through these programs. At Ministry Home Care, guests attend year after year, bringing their friends, family members and co-workers along to learn more about hospice every time. Each year, we introduce a new program - a new message about hospice and new music from Karen - within the same popular format.

The doors open an hour before the program begins with a cash bar and social hour. Precisely on time, we begin the program which incorporates an MC who ties together the speakers and musical performances, bringing the audience to an emotional high where they're invited to make a contribution to support our local services. Table Hosts distribute the pledge cards, guests return their completed cards to their Host, and the evening ends with an upbeat song in celebration of the gifts hospice provides each and every day.

During the program, guests are seated at round tables with linen table cloths. They are treated to delicious appetizers and commune together while they take in the powerful message of the evening. Afterward, they have the opportunity to mingle, share their enthusiasm for the program, and meet Karen.

Start with our original program, The Gift of Hospice: Making Every Moment Matter - then each year, you can access an all-new program for your community! We've developed 5, and are happy to make them all available to you! Each program follows the same format, but with a different message and new original music from Karen. When you reserve a date with Karen, you will receive a complete tool kit with all the information you need to hold a successful Gift of Hospice event in your community. The binder will include:

  • A complete timeline and task list for planning the Event
  • A detailed manual to guide you through each step of Event planning
  • A complete script for the one-hour program, with the exception of local testimonials
  • An audio CD of songs included in program (for planning purposes only, not for use at the Event)
  • Beautiful professionally-designed templates for all printed materials
  • The use of prop kit, free of charge (only applicable to GOH Program 1)
  • Email and telephone support throughout your planning process

How it works...

When you book a Gift of Hospice event with KTGood Music, you will choose whether you want to pay a flat fee, or if you would rather pay 15% of your gross income from the event (in addition to travel and expenses for Karen Taylor-Good). Either way, the payment is not due until 60 days after the event.

Karen has seen the power of this event, and shares our confidence that you will experience great success with your event.

Click for more information on our highly-acclaimed Gift of Hospice program. If you'd like to set up a free phone conference to discuss more details, just call us and we'll get you started!

The Gift of Hospice: Making Every Moment Matter

An overview of the many gifts hospice brings to the communities we serve - life closure, holistic care, acknowledgement of the value of life, care of volunteers, and grief support.

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