Making Every Moment Matter

The Gift of Hospice: Making Every Moment Matter is a powerful one-hour program designed to celebrate hospice, bring the community closer to the hospice mission, and raise funds to support the work of hospice. This event builds and draws on people’s commitment to the mission of hospice.

The event is free to attend, with 200 guests invited by Table Hosts—individuals who have volunteered to host a table of 8 guests for this important cause. Guests are informed that while the event is free to attend, they must have a ticket for admission, everyone will be invited to pledge their financial support to hospice, but there is no obligation to give.

Table Hosts are told not to focus solely on guests who are perceived to be able to make a large donation, but rather to invite people who are important to them—because:

  1. You can’t always tell who actually has money or resources to donate.
  2. Those who look like they have money may have their money already committed.
  3. Even if they have the potential to give, they may not choose to give to hospice.
  4. The guest who has no ability to make a financial gift may have important connections in the community that can help hospice. If they are moved by the mission, they will reach out to the connections and resources available to them to assist us in reaching our vision.

Everyone who attends this event will walk away with some new knowledge about hospice, and help to advance our mission. Some will become lifelong donors. Some will draw on their new knowledge to help others access hospice care. Some will bring others closer to the mission, and some will seek hospice care for themselves when it is needed. All of these are equally important to the ongoing vitality of the local hospice program.

On the day of the event, the doors will open 1 hour prior to the program, allowing guests time to socialize and enjoy the cash bar. The décor sets the tone for a classy event, and piano music fills the air. Complimentary appetizers are at the tables, as well as coffee and ice water. Table Hosts get their guests seated by the start time, and the program begins promptly as scheduled. All table and bar service is suspended during the next hour, to avoid disruptions and maintain guests’ focus on the important message being shared.

The 60-minute program holds the guests’ attention with a mix of celebrations of hospice’s accomplishments and vision, personal testimonials, and perfectly-placed songs performed live by Grammy-nominee Karen Taylor-Good. Near the close of the program, Table Hosts are asked to give pledge cards to their guests, and a speaker guides the completion of the card, explaining the critical funding needs of the local hospice agency. While Karen performs, individuals complete their pledge cards privately, seal the cards in an envelope, and return them to their Table Hosts. The guests are thanked for their attendance, and the program ends with an uplifting performance of “God’s Refrigerator”.

The formal program is over, but guests are eager to visit about the moving event they’ve just been a part of. The cash bar re-opens, and the guests have an opportunity to linger, socialize, meet Karen, purchase CDs and books, and learn more about hospice.

The buzz of your program will radiate through the community for months to come.

Songs Performed by Karen Taylor-Good (all songs are original pieces, written by Karen)

  • How Can I Help You Say Goodbye?
  • On Angel's Wings
  • Precious Child or Healing in the Hands of Time
  • Get a Bigger Pan
  • God's Refrigerator

For more information on Karen Taylor-Good, visit her web site

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