The Bottom Line

What are the costs?

While the costs cannot be completely defined, we have been able to contain our overhead under $5,000 with each of our events, which is extremely low in the realm of special events. By enlisting businesses and supporters in the community, we have always been able to get many of the items needed at a discount or donated in-kind. By planning ahead, you can do the same - and graciously acknowledge those supporters in your event program.

In addition to her expenses, Karen Taylor-Good's performance is either a flat fee or 15% of your gross pledges and donations (including multi-year pledges) - payable within 60 days after the event. You choose which fee structure you prefer when you book your event. You pay no fee to Ministry Home Care - our reimbursement comes directly from Karen Taylor-Good out of her income from the event.

The following are the key pieces you will be responsible for while hosting the Gift of Hospice in your community:

Karen Taylor-Good Expenses:

  • Round trip transportation for 2 from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Hotel lodging for 2 (single room)
  • Rental Car
  • Meals

Event Venue:

  • Sound Equipment and Sound Tech (house systems are not adequate)
  • Room Use
  • Catering


(all professional design templates are provided, so you will not need to pay a graphic designer)

  • Flyers (standard 8.5x11)
  • Tickets
  • Programs
  • Photo/Poster enlargements
  • Script and other incidental printing


  • Small, inexpensive favors (varies with each program)
  • Limited items for decor



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