On-Site Clinic Brings Wellness to the Workplace at Kolbe & Kolbe

Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co., Inc., (Kolbe) a nationally recognized, custom window and door manufacturer with a history of over 65 years, has launched a new initiative to bring health and wellness services for its team members to the workplace.  This step is the result of discussions and planning by Kolbe leadership to provide improved access to health care services.

Ministry Medical Group clinicians provide services in a newly constructed on-site clinic, with a variety of services for Kolbe team members and their families.  These extensive services include first aid and injury treatment, acute symptom management, occupational/physical therapy, primary care, internal medicine, pediatric care, answers to health related questions, prescriptions, and scheduling for diagnostic tests.  The services are provided by several health care professionals including a nurse practitioner, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and registered nurses.

While many employers have adopted some form of on-site medical care for employee work injuries, the model at Kolbe goes well beyond, not only by offering a much broader range of services but also offering them to team members’ families.  An additional bonus at Kolbe is the inclusion of an on-site fitness center.

Over a year ago, Kolbe officials interviewed several health and wellness providers and visited a business partner, Crystal Finishing, in Schofield where Ministry Health Care had just established an on-site workplace wellness center for company employees their families. The team from Kolbe began conversations with Ministry that led to the program just announced based on Ministry’s flexibility, the number of services available, and their success in operating other on-site clinics.

“This initiative is an investment in our team members and their health,” said Kolbe President Mike Salsieder. “They are, after all, our most important asset and we anticipate this commitment will bring improvements to overall health and wellness; that in turn provides benefits to the company by decreasing absenteeism and addressing chronic health issues.”

In addition to on-site care, the new center features wellness programs to help improve fitness and health that over time will create a more committed and healthier workforce. Ministry clinicians have also become actively involved in efforts within the workplace. Kolbe is deeply rooted in continuous improvement and has utilized the expertise of the Ministry clinicians when analyzing production and machinery changes and modifications. Part of this analysis includes on—site clinic staff to address potential physical and ergonomic issues impacting Kolbe team members. 

“Ministry Medical Group is excited to play a key role in this program,” said Stewart Watson, MD, Senior Vice President for Ministry Health Care and President of Ministry Medical Group.

“Our medical team is able to address the needs of the employees and their families in a convenient and affordable manner with a dedicated on-site staff that contributes to the success of the Kolbe Team on many levels.”


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