Children’s Miracle Network Receives $5,000 Donation from Our Lady of Victory Employees

For the past two years Ministry Health Care employees have been encouraged to lead more healthy lifestyles through a number of initiatives including Tangerine®, a program that encourages weight loss. Each quarter Ministry employees monitor their weight and BMI levels as teams. The top three teams are recognized with grants they in turn donate to local charities. So when Ministry employees lose big (weight that is), local groups and organizations win.

In the most recent period, Our Lady of Victory Hospital in Stanley, Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston, and Ministry Home Care received grants for their weight loss achievements.

The employees at Our Lady of Victory Hospital are donating the $5,000 they received for being the BIGGEST of the big losers to Children’s Miracle Network in Marshfield. The mission of Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) is to raise funds to support programs that improve the heath care of children. And although CMN is a nationally affiliated event, 100 percent of the funds raised locally stay in the North Central Wisconsin area to help provide programs, services and treatment for sick and injured children and to support programs that seek to prevent children's injuries, and promote healthy lifestyles in these communities.

Cynthia Eichman, President of Our Lady of Victory Hospital noted that, “Our staff has chosen to donate their $5,000 to the local Children's Miracle Network in North Central Wisconsin. We know this keeps the money local and helps kids who are seriously ill.”

Sixty employees participated in the program. 27 new employees began or rejoined this quarter. The average weight loss per participant was 13.1 pounds. The overweight population dropped from 76% to 69%.

During the last 18 months Ministry employees have lost a total of 6,123 pounds and have shifted to much healthier BMI levels for employees overall. So when it all adds up losers become winners and many local community organizations win big with the generous support of these Ministry Health Care teams.

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