MOLVH Rehab Department announces direct access

MOLVH’s Rehab Department is pleased to make physical therapy services more accessible to our area community members. The hospital has initiated a new program called Direct Access. With this new program, many patients will be able to schedule an appointment for physical therapy without first having to see their physician for a prescription or referral. Direct Access has been available in private outpatient clinics and with local chiropractors that can see musculoskeletal patients without a healthcare provider referral. This convenience is now available in the hospital setting.

“We understand from our patients that sometimes this added expense of a required physician visit can be a deterrent to getting the therapy they need,” according to Steve Seiberling, DPT, Rehab Director.

Steve notes that at this time, not all insurance companies have approved Direct Access. “Because Direct Access is not yet available for Medicare/Medicaid patients and some insurance companies, we suggest patients call us at (715) 644-6181 to see if Direct Access is an option for them.”

Even though a physician order is not required for the visit, the patient’s information will still be sent to their primary care provider so that the provider has a record of the therapy and to ensure good continuity of care. Steve says, “Our department will evaluate each patient in order to deliver the appropriate level of care. Based on the patient’s needs we will talk directly to their primary care physician or make sure they get the information they need.”

People with questions about direct access can call the Rehab Department at (715) 644-6181.

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