Ministry Victory Medical Group Provides 181 Free Physicals for Area High School Students

Ministry Victory Medical Group’s (MVMG’s) Stanley, Thorp and Owen Clinics saw a total of 181 high school students during the clinics’ annual free sports physicals. These exams comply with the requirements of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA), which state that a student must have a current physical examination on file before they are allowed to start practice.

Of the students who were screened, 5 percent needed further follow-up before being cleared for participation. About the screening overall, MVMG Group Clinics Manager Cindy Lindgren says, “These physicals are not always covered by insurance and some families may not have the financial ability to pay, especially if they have more than one child involved in sports. Some of these physicals help parents identify potential health risks, as they did in 5 percent of the students we screened. We are pleased to be able to provide this service so that no child in our area will be excluded from participation because the family couldn’t afford the physical exam. The value of this service to our children and sports programs this year was $26,607.”

During the physical, healthcare providers evaluate the prospective athlete’s overall appearance, eyes, ears, nose, throat, lymph nodes, heart, pulse, lungs, abdomen and skin. They also evaluate the musculoskeletal system and look at the neck, back, shoulder/arm, elbow/forearm, wrist/hand, hip/thigh, knee, leg/ankle and foot. The MVMG staff providing the physicals this year were: Tom Tuttle, MD; Charles Wirtz, MD; Bill Hopkins, MD; Dan Gilles, PA-C; Peter Gintner, PA-C; Betsy Wacker, PA-C; and Stacey Gusman, APNP.

Ministry Our Lady of Victory Hospital and MVMG President Cindy Eichman says, “We are grateful to these clinicians and to their support staff for making it possible to provide this service to our communities.”

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