OLVH patient satisfaction survey results released

Like most hospitals today, Our Lady of Victory Hospital continually monitors how satisfied patients are with the care they receive. Results are released each quarter, and the leadership of the hospital watches for trends and works with staff and physician input on continued improvements. 

The results from the 4th Quarter of 2008 have been released, and OLVH learned that patients were very satisfied with two key areas of the hospital. According to Cynthia Eichman, president of OLVH, “We received very favorable feedback from patients that we cared for in both our inpatient hospital units and our emergency department.” 

The inpatient hospital unit rating is determined by those patients that rank the hospital “the best hospital” for overall care on a scale of 1 to 10. OLVH was ranked at the 96.7 percentile for patients rating the hospital a 9 or 10, compared to all other reporting hospitals. This is a ranking in the top 5% of all reporting hospitals. 

Patient satisfaction is monitored in the emergency department through the use of surveys provided by a consultant that compares emergency departments throughout the United States. The OLVH emergency department was ranked at the 88.0 percentile for excellent ratings in “overall quality of care.” 

Cindy stated, “Our goal is to be at or better than the 90.0 percentile in both areas on a continuous basis. We appreciate the feedback from our patients when they are satisfied, and even when they are not, so we can learn how to improve.” 

Cindy added, “We also continuously measure our employee satisfaction, and continue to receive favorable results here, too. Our most recent “culture survey” completed by our employees ranked OLVH at 98.0 percentile of all reporting hospitals for employee commitment and satisfaction with their work environment. It’s an interesting but understandable correlation – having satisfied employees leads to satisfied patients.”


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