Our Lady of Victory Hospital receives Level IV Trauma Designation

Our Lady of Victory Hospital in Stanley has received a Level IV Trauma Care Facility designation from the State of Wisconsin.


Staff from the Division of Public Health reviewed the hospital in an onsite visit April 21, 2009. In their summary report, they commended OLVH’s Emergency Department on the following:


  • Administrative support
  • Exceptional trauma resource manual
  • Dedicated and passionate trauma coordinator and trauma medical director
  • Performance Improvement process with significant evidence of loop closure
  • Pleasant, caring and knowledgeable staff
  • Cross training of multiple staff
  • Medical and nursing staff education
  • Inpatient unit protocols available for the care of the trauma patient with defined measure and flow sheet
  • Pharmacist and surgical response to activations when in house
  • Beautiful new facility


Cindy Eichman, president of Our Lady of Victory Hospital, says, “We’re very proud to have achieved this designation. It demonstrates our ability to provide quality care to the people in our area. I’m also very proud of our Emergency Department team. They do an excellent job, and it was a pleasure to have their work recognized in the committee’s report. I particularly want to thank ER Director Toni Smith for her leadership.”


In his letter notifying Cindy Eichman of the designation, Tom Sieger, Deputy Administrator for the Wisconsin Division of Public Health, says, “Congratulations on this impressive accomplishment. Your hospital is to be commended for its ongoing commitment to quality care for the trauma patients in your area. I also want to thank you and your staff for your continued leadership role and dedication in the development of our state trauma system.”


Wisconsin’s integrated system of trauma identifies hospitals as trauma care facilities by using four levels. This system recognizes that all hospitals in Wisconsin play an important role in providing optimal treatment to the injured patient. It is imperative that patients are delivered in a timely manner to the closest appropriate hospital matching resources to the needs of the severely injured patient. The following defines each level for Trauma Care Facilities:


  • Level I: Hospital provides leadership and total care for every aspect of traumatic injury from prevention through rehabilitation, including research. (example: University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison)
  • Level II: Hospital provides the initial definitive trauma care regardless of the severity of injury but differs from Level I in teaching and research capability. (example: Saint Joseph’s in Marshfield)
  • Level III: Hospital provides assessment, resuscitation, stabilization, and emergency surgery and arranges transfer to a level I or II facility for definitive surgical and intensive care as necessary. (example: Saint Claire’s in Weston)
  • Level IV: Facility provides stabilization and advanced trauma life support prior to patient transfer to a Level I or II. (example: Our Lady of Victory Hospital, Stanley)
  • Unclassified: Hospital that has chosen not to be part of the Trauma Care System or has not been approved as a Level I, II, III or IV.
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