Partners group purchases chairs for Our Lady of Victory Hospital

In 2008, the OLV Auxiliary for Our Lady of Victory Hospital decided to make some positive changes to expand and grow their organization. They formed a new group, now called Partners with Our Lady of Victory Hospital. The group welcomes men and women who are interested in being ambassadors for the hospital as well as serving and supporting health related activities.

Each year the Partners group selects a project that will help the hospital and patients in our area. Funds are raised through a variety of ways, including the Christmas gift sale during Senior Week and the holiday Love Lights Project. This year the project was to improve the availability of seating in patient rooms for family members and visitors. The Partners group purchased 10 new chairs for the hospital. The cost of the chairs was approximately $1,300.

According to Cindy Eichman, president of OLVH, “We keep a wish list each year to share with our Partners on ideas for their projects. We are fortunate to have such a committed group of community members that continue to look for ways to improve our hospital for our patients.”

New members are welcome to join the group. If you would like to become a member of Partners with Our Lady of Victory Hospital please contact Joanne Gadke at (715) 644-6149 for a new member brochure.


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