March 9, 2012


Midway Standings: Congratulations to all competitors. Only 6 weeks until final weigh-ins. The goal for every team and every participant is 10%!
Top 10 teams thus far in the competition:
1: 9.55% Gutless Wonders
2: 9.08% Goal 105
3: 8.90% Flab 4 to Fab 4
4: 8.50% Waisting A-Weigh
5: 8.43% Weigh to go
6: 8.31% Repeat Offenders
7: 6.98% Four Former Fatties
8: 6.89% Heavy Weights
9: 6.84% Phat Pharm
10: 6.48% The Amazing Waists
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DOUBLE RAFFLE continues this week. Bring in an item related to the theme to obtain 2x the raffle tickets for the prizes on Monday. Just a reminder, you can bring food item to all MCWR events and you obtain one ticket per item. No need to be present to win at the presentation.
•    This week’s theme: MCWR-bring in a food item that starts with the letter M, C, W, or R.
•    This week’s prizes: From Fat to Fit book by Carole Carson (2), $10 gas card for The Store, and Free 6” sub from Subway.

Our Next Speaker on Monday, March 12th: Move it to Lose it
Move it to Lose it! Jackie Meyers, a fitness instructor at the Stevens Point Area YMCA, is here to help you figure out how to get the most use out of your workout time! Whether you are out for a walk, at home or at the fitness center, you will learn ways to maximize the amount of calories you burn while exercising. She will also fill you in on several simple, yet effective 10-minute workouts that you can incorporate into your exercise plan. Lastly she will explain the calorie in-out model. This model is essential to understand if your goal is to lose weight. Make the most of your time! Learn how by joining us on Monday. 

The presentation will be from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. held on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus in the Dreyfus University Center Building in the Alumni Room (3rd floor). 1015 Reserve Street, Stevens Point. Doors open at 5 p.m.

Presentation Review: Taking a Break

The presentation this week was Taking a Break by Dr. Nancy Swisher and holistic nurse Pam Gavrill both with Ministry Medical Group. Nancy and Pam talked about the importance of slowing down and relaxing in relation to your health. We are made with a built in “Fight or Flight” response that triggers us to eat when stressed. It also makes us prone to flee or hide in sedentary activities such as watching TV with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. There is a multitude of stressors in life, but the trick is realizing that you have many options to overcome your stress too. At several points during the presentation the audience took “Stress Breaks”. This is something that is encouraged to carry into your everyday life. During the stress breaks, Nancy and Pam played calm music to sink the audience’s heart rate and biological rhythms to a slower frequency. The audience also practiced deep breathing; imagining the breath reaching into the abdomen and back out. Everyone got up and did some Tai Chi for the next break. The final break was filled with laughter as we practiced out silliest giggles and lottery winning celebrations. Some ideas for relieving stress included things like changing up your routine, physical activity, sleep, sun exposure, healthy foods, and prayer or meditation. The key to any effective stress relief is to commit to the change. “When we commit to action, to actually doing something rather than feeling trapped by events, the stress in our life becomes manageable.”  -Greg Anderson
View the presentation.

Healthy Item of the Week Sponsored By Team Schierl Companies:
March 9 – March 15

The healthy item can be found at most of The Store locations. 20 Ounce, Dasani water for $0.89

Smart Dining Meal of the Week:
March 11 – March 17 at The Wooden Chair
Rocker Sandwich: grilled turkey, avocado spread, sprouts & mozzarella
Veggie Wrap: spinach, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers & sprouts with ranch cream cheese, in a tortilla wrap

Non-Perishables Collected
This Week: 110.2 Pounds
Total: 798 Pounds

For more information about the Ministry Community Weight Race, contact:
Traci Smet, ATC, CSCS, PES
Excel Performance Enhancement & Community Weight Race Coordinator
Ministry Point Sports Medicine
900 Illinois Ave
Stevens Point, WI 54481
cell: 715.347.4994


Ministry Sports Medicine
900 Illinois Ave
Stevens Point, WI 54481


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