February 8, 2013

Pick-A-Prize change! This week we implemented the new punch cards. If you found an error in your punches, please contact Traci directly to get this addressed. We will be using punch cards to track your Pick-A-Prize points. Participants can pick up their punch cards at the presentation or other events they attend. Punch cards will be required at all MCWR events in order to get points towards the Pick-A-Prizes at the end. Every 10 punches gets you one raffle ticket. Punches (previously called points) can be earned by attending any event, weigh-in, or workshop, completing challenges, or bringing food items to and MCWR event. Punches for the challenges will be tracked separately from the punch cards and rewarded at the final ceremony in April. This change was made due to the extreme difficulty in tracking participants at the events. We want to ensure everyone gets proper credit for their attendance. Please contact Traci with any specific questions- 715.346.5416.

Team Challenge #3: Time for some Home Cookin’

We challenge your team to find 1.) a 15oz (or greater) can of beans and 2.) a roll of toilet paper and take a picture in front of the Outhouse of the Sky located at the Sculpture Park in Stevens Point. Post on Facebook or send an E-mail to Traci for 6 points each. Challenge expires at midnight on 2/7.

Tuesday’s Presentation: Everyday Forces Working Against Your Weight Loss Plan

On February 5 we will be welcoming Trevor Roark as our featured speaker. Mr. Roark is a graduate of UWSP in the Health Promotion and Human Development field. He is currently the Program Manager for UWSP Adventure Tours. Do you have trouble finding success throughout your weight loss journey? Do you want to find out how to liberate yourself from the many elements working against you? Trevor Roark will answer this question and many others pertaining to your weight loss goals. Please join us from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Ministry 2501 for an adventure!

Presentation Review: Our Questions Are Answered!

Our panel of experts enlightened us on Tuesday at the presentation. All of our questions were answered in areas of fitness, nutrition, and medicine. The panel consisted of: Karla Rothman from the Stevens Point YMCA, Mary Sadler, RD, CD, from Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital, and Todd Williams, MD, also from Ministry Point Sports Medicine. Here is 5 of the questions asked:

Question: What is the minimum amount of time that I need to do an exercise for it to be effective?

  • Panel Answer: Any movement is beneficial and burns calories.  If you only have ten minutes to spare on a busy day it is better to walk around the block or even walk up and down the stairs in your house a few times rather than not doing anything.

Question: I have painful knees and the pain is so bad that I cannot exercise. What should I do?

  • Panel Answer: If the pain is bad enough you should go see a doctor. There may be a problem in your knee that needs medical attention.  If you do go see a doctor your doctor can also help you find an exercise that will best suit your sore knees. If the pain isn’t strong enough to see a doctor then try an exercise that is low impact, swimming is a great low impact form of exercise.  Movement does help loosen joints and in result eases pain and stiffness.

Question: I want to live healthier and lose weight. What is one piece of advice to follow from each of the experts?

  • Panel Answer: Keep moving, eat real foods, and make it a lifestyle change with your family.

Question: What are the top five fruits and vegetables to eat?

  • Panel Answer: The fruits and vegetables that you enjoy are the best, if you don’t like them, you won’t eat them. Any type of berry, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and tomatoes are very good to eat. It is also important to eat a variety, think about eating the rainbow—in the form of fruits and vegetables.

Question: Are frozen fruits and vegetables better or worse than not frozen fruits and vegetables?

  • Panel Answer: Frozen fruits and vegetables are good, if not better than fresh produce. When the fruits and vegetables are frozen the nutrients are preserved right away. When shipping fresh produce to stores some of the nutrients may be lost. It is important to eat a variety of produce; fresh, frozen, and canned.

Please note all workshops require advance sign-up. Register be e-mailing your name and which workshop to MinistryCWR@live.com or by calling 715.346.5416 with the same information.

  • 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. Zumba (beginner to advanced). Limited to 30.
  • 5 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (beginner to advanced) This chair exercise routine will give participants a full body workout, while making basic exercises easier for all levels. By using a chair, participants can exercise through a comfortable range of motion and take unwanted pressure off of the back and joints. Watch this video to learn about this exercise - Limited to 20.
  • 5:30 p.m. -6 p.m. Fuel The Furnace. Part 2 of a 3 part nutrition series. Help fuel the furnace all day long with delicious mini meals. Rediscover portion sizes with healthy snacks. (This workshop is only for those who have registered for Part 1. No additional registration is needed for parts 2 & 3.)
  • 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. Yoga (beginner to advanced): This is a special course designed for the MCWR. It is a cutting edge approach to weight loss. Limited to 20.

Restaurant of the week: Buffalo Wild Wings
Honey Barbeque Chicken Salad- original price $7.99, discounted $3.99
Grilled Chicken Wrap- original price $7.99, discounted $3.99



Team Schierl Items of the Week:

Kind Cranberry Almond Bar (1 bar/ serving, 190 calories, 110 fat calories): Special price of $1.79

Non-perishables collected - This week: 89 pounds = Total: 609.6 pounds



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