January 18, 2013 Newsletter

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Team Challenge #2:

Feel like working out at home but don’t have the equipment?  We challenge your team to create your own weights! Get your team together and create as many weights as you would like using everyday household items; be creative!! Bring one or two of them to next week’s presentation, weigh-in, or workshops to get 5 points to each member for each item created.

Tuesday’s Presentation: Exercise Right!

On January 22, we will be welcoming Dr. Tim Wright as our featured speaker. Dr. Wright is a professor at UWSP in the Physical Education and Athletic Training department, where he is also the director of the Health Education minor. His classes emphasize proper diet and exercise which are also key components for success in the Ministry Community Weight Race. Dr. Wright’s presentation will highlight how to start a successful exercise program and the principles of exercise for weight loss. Tips for staying on track and optimizing your exercise efforts to get the most out of your workouts will also be included. Finally, Dr. Wright will discuss the important connection between what you eat and the ability to exercise and reduce body fat. Come join us at the Ministry 2501 building from 5:30-6:30 pm. Remember to get there early for a good seat! 

Presentation Review: Willpower-Mindfulness, Making Changes

Dr. Celine Mcnelis-Kline, who is a professor at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point in the Health Promotion and Wellness field, gave an informative talk on setting realistic goals.  When setting goals it is important to start small. Remember small changes lead to big changes over time.  Dr. Kline explained how building willpower helps individuals attain their goals of becoming healthier, as well as improves self and social control. When a person has willpower, it can be contagious! Did you lose your will power? Gain it back with a few simple tricks! If you are stressed out, try a five minute meditation, which allows you to clear your mind.  Use breathing exercises to control feelings of stress. Finally, exercise and get adequate sleep daily.

If individuals would like further assistance in setting goals or gaining the willpower to start, you may consider signing up for a weight loss coach either individually or as a team. Coaching will run every Tuesday. Studies suggest that mindfulness and acceptance training improves body image, reduces problematic eating behavior, and improves overall quality of life. To register, contact Cline at uwspcoaching@gmail.com.

Thursday’s Workshops:

Please note all workshops require advance sign-up. Register be emailing your name and which workshop to MinistryCWR@live.com or by calling 715-346-5416 with the same information.

  • 5 - 6 p.m. Zumba (beginner to advanced). Limited to 30.
  • 6 - 7 p.m. Yoga (beginner to advanced): This is a special course designed for the MCWR.  It is limited to 20 people and it is a cutting edge approach to weight loss.
  • 6 - 7 p.m. Goal setting continues this week. (week two of the three week workshop): This is a follow up from Dr. Kline’s presentation. It will work on willpower instinct and daring greatly.

Restaurant of the week: Noodles & Company 
Small Chinese Chop Salad- original price $4.50, discounted $2.25
Small Med Salad- original price $4.50, discounted $2.25


Team Schierl Items of the Week:

Old Dutch Caramel Puffcorn (1 oz serving, 120 calories, 15 fat calories): Special price of $2.49!

Non-perishables collected - This week: 266.8 pounds = Total: 269.8 pounds



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