April 14, 2014


Final weigh-ins NEXT WEEK!!!
MON, TUES, & WED 2-7:00PM

  • Be sure to reference the rules and regulations in your calendar prior to weigh-ins in. Just a few notes:
    • The minimum amount of clothing required to weigh-in is shorts.
    • You can weigh-in for the final as many times as you want, HOWEVER, we will always take the most recent weight.
  • Wondering what you're going to do after MCWR? Consider joining Healthy Habits! Only $50/person. This workshop series takes place from May to December. See more details here.
  • Pick-A-Prize- every full card will get you a entry into a prize of your choosing on April 17th. Some prize baskets include- Walk Wisconsin registration, personal training sessions, fitness memberships, canoe trip, backyard BBQ basket, Gardening basket, Cooking healthy kit, and more!!! Over 100 prizes available! Must be present to win. Full cards are transferrable from one participant to another.


FEED THE HUNGRY challenge! We're so close to 4,000 pounds of food…which is already amazing! Help us get there by bringing in a bag of non-perishables. But there's a catch, instead of counting items, we'll weigh it. Whatever the weight is, that's how many stamps you personally get AND that is the number of points you get for your team!


The top 5 TEAMS with the most points will win $50 at the end of the MCWR!

1. Drop it like it's Hot 1358 points
2. Abandon Poundage 895 points
3. Team Frostman Wellness 615 points
4. Bringing Sexy Back 600 points
5. We're Winners When We Lose 222 points
6. On the Edge 45 points
7. Duzy Dupas 45 points
8. God's Squad 30 points
9. Y not get fit 25 points
10. Droppin' Pines 15 points
11. Fab-U-Less 12 points
12. Super Optimistic Noodle Squad 2 12 points
13. The Adipose Avengers…we make Fat Cry! 10 points
14. Tummy Terminators 10 points
15. Opps we ate it again 10 points
16. OB Divas and a Dude 10 points
17. Menopausal Medusas 10 points
18. MMD points
19. Double D's 5 points
20. Four Toads and a Prince 5 points

Happenings This Week

Please pay special note if the class requires advanced sign-up or not.

Monday April 14th
2 - 7:00 PM FINAL WEIGH-IN @Ministry 2501
Tuesday April 15th
2 - 7:00 PM FINAL WEIGH-IN @Ministry 2501
Wednesday April 16th
2 - 7:00 PM FINAL WEIGH-IN @Ministry 2501
Thursday April 17th
5:00-6:00 PM Health Fair, pick up prizes, register for the raffle, and complimentary team photos ,

@Ben Franklin Junior High School, 2000 Polk Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481


@ Ben Franklin Junior High School, 2000 Polk Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481

Come one, come all! It is time for a celebration of all that you have accomplished in the Ministry Community Weight Race. We think that you deserve a celebration, and we want to do that with you !

SMART Dining April 14th-18th:

Subway Special for April
  • One Free FUZE tea with any sub or salad purchase.
The Store: Item of the week
  • Get a banana for ONLY $.29!

Non-perishables collected

This week: 400 pounds
Total: 3,638 pounds


Sport and Performance Psychology: On Tuesday, April 8th, Dr. Celine Kline talked to us about how we could incorporate sport and performance psychology. Though this sort of psychology is only for athletes she explained to us why we could use it in our daily life. Sport and performance psychology is a scientific study of psychological factors associated with participation and performance in sport, exercise, and other types of activities. One important component of this form of psychology are the mental skills. Mental skills include mind sets, fixed and open mind sets. Obviously, the open mind set is the best one to have when participating in any activity. You want a positive attitude when going into anything, whether it be a new activity or one that you have been doing for a while. Another thing Dr. Kline talked to us about is energy management; we have all faced days when we seem to find ourselves dragging. The reason this is, is because we haven't managed how to spend our energy. We need to manage our energy wisely and make sure we are expending our energy in all the right activities. See slides here.

Other MCWR Supported events

Fit Challenge is FREE and open to all: any age or size. We have beginner and advanced moves. It is a 4 week challenge with physical assessments in the beginning and end to see the improvements. We meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6-7pm. This next one is starting Monday, April 21st. More info here.

Del Monte and Partnership for a Healthier America Announce Program to Fight Childhood Obesity. Del Monte Foods announced today that it has joined the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), the non-partisan organization championed by Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama that works with the private sector on initiatives to reduce childhood obesity in America. Del Monte's commitment to PHA includes investments in marketing, promotion and new products, along with improvements to our website and labels – all part of an effort to instill healthier eating habits in children and reminding families to fill half their plate with fruits and vegetables.


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