April 7, 2014


Final weigh-ins coming up. Be sure to reference the rules and regulations in your calendar prior to weigh-ins in. Just a few notes:

  • If you can't make the weigh-in April 14-16th, come to any weigh-in next week to get it done!
  • The minimum amount of clothing required to weigh-in is shorts.
  • You can weigh-in for the final as many times as you want, HOWEVER, we will always take the most recent weight.

Do you have at least 15 employees & spouses in the MCWR? Sign your company up for the Golden Scale Award! The company with the highest percentage of employees to meet 7% weight loss will win! See more here



Team:Creative Exercise: How many exercise movements can you create using only a 5lb bag of flour? Each exercise gets you 10 team points. No limit. Expires Friday, April 11. Please submit a picture(s) to ministrycwr@live.com

Individual: Clean out those cupboards. Every non-perishable item gets you 3 stamps instead of 1 this week. Expires Friday, April 11.


Team: *clarification - only ONE member of your team need to be in the picture around the crest. No printed crests will be counted. Embrace your city/town's culture. Find your city/town crest and take a team picture by it for 20 points. Get an additional 10 points if you tell us what the items on the crest means. There is no limit to how many city/town crests you can do. Good luck! Expires Monday April 14.

Individual: Spring is here! Get in to the mood with some spring cleaning. Take the daily bag challenge. How it works is you take a paper bag to a room in your house/apartment, for example- the kitchen, bedroom, office…. Then fill the bag with unwanted items, shorts that don't fit, pots and pans, books, etc... Then donate your unwanted items to a local charity and really feel the benefits of spring cleaning! Take a picture of you donating for verification. Each filled bag equals 5 stamps (max 25 bags). Expires Monday April 14.


The top 5 TEAMS with the most points will win $50 at the end of the MCWR!

1. Abandon Poundage 625 points
2. Team Frostman Wellness 418 points
3. Bringing Sexy Back 220 points
4. Drop it like it's Hot 188 points
5. We're Winners When we Lose 162 points
6. On the Edge 45 points
7. Duzy Dupas 45 points
8. God's Squad 30 points
9. Y not get fit 25 points
10. Droppin' Pines points
11. Fab-U-Less 12 points
12. Super Optimistic Noodle Squad 2 12 points
13. The Adipose Avengers…we make Fat Cry! 10 points
14. Tummy Terminators 10 points
15. Opps we ate it again 10 points
16. OB Divas and a Dude 10 points
17. Menopausal Medusas 10 points
18. MMD 10 points
19. Double D's 5 points
20. Four Toads and a Prince 5 points

Happenings This Week

Please pay special note if the class requires advanced sign-up or not.

Tuesday April 8th
5 - 6:30 PM Open Weigh-in @Ministry 2501
5 - 5:30 PM Discussion on Food @Ministry 2501

Join us for a round table discussion about where your food comes from and the carbon footprint of your food

5:30 - 6:00 PM Presentation: Intro to Peaking Health @ Ministry 2501

Why Olympic Athletes use Sport Psychology and why you should too!

Join Dr. Celine Kline in a discussion about Sport and Performance Psychology and learn Mental Skill Techniques you can use to achieve your peak health and a thriving lifestyle. Changes that you initiate in your daily life can be supported with some powerful yet simple techniques. Learn how successful people sustain their new habits and live to their peak abilities.

5 - 7:00 PM Coaching @ Ministry 2501

Make a Connection with a Coach. No great accomplishment is ever done alone. Great Olympic athletes have coaches for the sport, conditioning, nutrition and for their mental strength. Get a coach now and see and feel the difference.

Wednesday April 9th
11:30 - 1PM Open Weigh-in @ Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital in the cafe
Thursday April 10th
5 - 6:30 PM Open Weigh-in @Ministry 2501
5 - 5:30 PM FREE Exercise: POUNDFIT @Ministry 2501

Great amazing new class offered no where else but CWR! Info at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crQC_DF3Zsc

It is encouraged that you bring a water bottle to class.

5:30 - 6:30PM EXERCISE PARTY @Ministry 2501

Come one, come all! It is time for a celebration of all that you have accomplished in the Ministry Community Weight Race. We think that you deserve a celebration, and we want to do that with you by dancing! This is not Zumba, rather, it is a time to kick back to our boogie roots with group dances like the electric slide and many, many more. We will be leading group dances from a variety of genres or music. Bring suggestions if you'd like. We can't wait to celebrate with you! Come learn the MCWR SHUFFLE!!

It is encouraged that you bring a water bottle to class.

SMART Dining April 7th-11th:

Subway Special for March
  • One Free FUZE tea with any sub or salad purchase.
The Store: Item of the week
  • Get a banana for ONLY $.29!

Non-perishables collected

This week: 569 pounds
Total: 3,238 pounds


Getting Over the Winter Blues: Max began his presentation but giving a little background of himself. He is a student at UWSP as well as personal trainer at the YMCA. He is a life coach as well as a yoga instruction on top of his personal training and student work. He got into fitness because his family owns a strength training center. Max then got into the depth of his presentation. The biggest idea he wanted the audience to envision is what kind of lens will we look through when we look at the world? Will it be a positive or negative one? He then played a video of Kid President with a theme of attracting viewers to create something that will make the world awesome. Max then related to society and the fitness of women by commenting on Marilyn Monroe and her acceptance of herself and her size. This slide was to remind people, men and women, to overcome society and the pressure they place on people regarding their images.

Max then went into different concepts and ideas in reflecting on oneself and the dimensions of their wellness. Self compassion was one of the topics Max touched on and related it back to the Community Weight Race in that this program is about people connecting, growing, and learning together on their weight loss journey. The idea here was to do onto yourself as you would do onto others, the reverse of the Golden Rule. He then touched on mindfulness and used the acronym COAL; curiosity, openness, acceptance, and love. The idea here is to find motivation and keep it!

The wellness tree had the seven dimensions of wellness, intellectual, environmental, physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and occupational. He then discussed intrinsic motivation, otherwise known as self-motivation, and extrinsic motivation which is getting motivated by outside sources. He noted the big problem with people is not fitness but the mental and emotional baggage that we carry. It's not as much about self-discipline as it is about changing how you think, keeping your mind open.

Max continued on this path discussion courage, authenticity, and the concept that positive thoughts create positive realities. He then discussed some of his clients who have had unfortunate events occur in their lives but how they chose to lead a positive life rather than dwelling in their negative emotions. He ended his discussion with advice from a tree. The advice was to stand tall and proud, go out on a limb, remember your roots, drink lots of water, enjoy the view, and to be content with your natural beauty. It is vital for all fitness to get outside, nature is important!

Recipe Makeover: This week's nutrition class took place at the University and was administered by the senior dietetic students. They made orange chicken stir-fry and strawberry balsamic chicken pizza. It was voted to be the best recipe from the classes! A must try! The orange chicken recipe was only 290 calories per serving which included 6oz. of chicken! Want to spruce up the recipe? Try adding broccoli, water chestnuts, and/or carrots! The second recipe of the night was a strawberry balsamic chicken pizza and that was also a hit. The girls talked about the healthiest way to make a chicken breast, which is by boiling it. Everyone agreed that they would try making this recipe gain in the future!


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