February 10, 2014

WELCOME! Make sure you get the emails each week and check with Traci if not, traci.smet@ministryhealth.org. Visit the CWR webpage to stay up to date and to view previous newsletters.

A new form has been created to ease in the sign-up for classes. Please let Traci know if you have any feedback on it.


Take a picture send to MinistryCWR@live.com. Challenges expires Thursday 2/13 at 1pm!

Team: Got to have a goal and make it public! Show us your team goal for this week. Worth 12 team points.

Individual: What is your best quote for staying motivated? Show us for 5 stamps on your punch card!

BONUS: Bring a canned vegetable to any event this week to get 3 points instead of one!


The team with the most points wins $50 at the end of the MCWR!

1. Abandon Poundage 47 points
2. Drop it like It’s Hot 30 points
3. Team Frostman Wellness 25 points
4. God’s Squad 20 points
5. Bringing Sexy Back 17points
6. Droppin’ Pines 15 points
7. Fab-U-Less 12 points
8. Super Optimistic Noodle Squad 2 12 points
9. On the Edge, per Traci 10 points
10. The Adipose Avengers…we make Fat Cry! 10 points
11. Tummy Terminators 10 points
12. Double D’s 5 points

Happenings This Week

Please pay special note if the class requires advanced sign-up or not.

Tuesday Feb 11th
5-6:30pm Weigh-in
@Ministry 2501
5-7:00 PM Coaching
@Ministry 2501
Advanced signup required
5:30-6:30 PM Presentation: Why the Weight?

Dr. Olga Barchugova a board certified family medicine physician specializing in weight loss and obesity medicine. Come learn why we gain weight and what weight loss options are out there? Special note, this presentation will NOT be a discussion on surgical weight-loss methods.
@Ministry 2501

6:30-7:30 PM Yoga for beginners Please bring a mat or towel for this class.
It is encouraged that you bring a water bottle to class.

Sustainable weight loss is a healing journey and in wholehearted yoga, (a three-week class series), We will use courage, compassion, and connectedness to help us along the path. All of these are vital along our journey to feel better, move better, act more mindfully, and transform your body. This class is appropriate for all ages and abilities.
@Ministry 2501

6:30-7:30 PM Savoring Life: Mindfulness in Moving, Eating, and Daily Living Advanced signup required

It’s amazing how mindlessly we can go through a day—mindlessly making choices, mindlessly moving, mindlessly communicating, and mindlessly eating. Each moment is an opportunity for change. Learn how to embrace each moment, calming the clutter that may dominate your mind, and begin to engage in a mindful life that will help you reach your goals by causing you to eat, move, and think about yourself in a peaceful and sustainable manner.
@Ministry 2501

Wednesday Feb 12th
11:30-1PM Weigh-in
@Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital in the café
5:30-7:00 PM Nutrition Skills: Cooking for the Family

Come join us at CPS 116 for a cooking demo that teaches skills to make a tasty, healthy meal big enough for the whole family. Samples will be provided!
@ UW-Stevens Point - in the College of professional Studies building (CPS), Room 116

Thursday Feb 13th
5-6:30 PM Weigh-in
@Ministry 2501
5-7:00 PM Coaching
@Ministry 2501
Advanced signup required
5-6:00 PM FREE Exercise: Zumba It is encouraged that you bring a water bottle to class.

Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. Suitable for any level!
@Ministry 2501

6-7:00 PM FREE Exercise: Boot Camp It is encouraged that you bring a water bottle to class.

This class is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of exercises using your own body weight. This group fitness class promotes fat loss, camaraderie, and team effort. Everyone involved works at their own pace as they team up and work towards one goal.
@Ministry 2501

6-7:00 PM FREE Exercise: Dance and Play Your stress away. It is encouraged that you bring a water bottle to class.

Enjoy a fun filled exercise, movement, and mindfulness class that will help stress go away. Focusing on fun and play helps elicit the relaxation response making us feel worthy, connected, and grateful to ourselves and all those around us. Come have some fun as we exercise in a creatively fun way that will help stress dance away.
@Ministry 2501

SMART Dining February 8-14th:

The Wooden Chair
Show your wristband and get either of these menu items at 50% off!
  • Spicy black bean burger
  • Tuna salad
The Store: Item of the week
  • Dean's Milk Chug (Fat Free) 14oz ONLY $0.99!

Non-perishables collected

This week: 126 pounds
Total: 690 pounds

January donation: Over 500 pounds of food was collected in January and donated to UWSP Cupboard this past week. The UWSP Cupboard feeds students on campus that cannot afford food.


Wednesday Night's Nutrition Skill Class:Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

The few that ventured out in the cold to attend this week’s nutrition class at Farmshed were glad they did! Community Supported Agriculture was the topic of choice and sliced fresh carrots, coffee, and tea were offered as refreshments.

Who doesn’t want to support our local CSA farmers in the central Wisconsin area? They don’t spray their crops with pesticides, they deliver their organic vegetables to various locations in the Stevens Point area for easy pickup, and they use natural practices to help grow their produce on the farm. Share prices and sizes were discussed, along with worker shares, number of deliveries, types of produce, and other food items. We hope that more people can attend the next opportunity at Farmshed, as it was very informational!


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Stevens Point, WI 54481


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