February 24, 2014

WELCOME! Make sure you get the emails each week and check with Traci if not, traci.smet@ministryhealth.org. Visit the CWR webpage to stay up to date and to view previous newsletters.

MANDATORY MID-WAY WEIGH-INS NEXT WEEK! February 24, 25, 26th from 2-7:00pm at Ministry 2501. Pick up your t-shirts too!!!

Have you participated in Walk Wisconsin in the past? If so, share your story with us- contact Traci Smet for more details. 715.347.4994 or traci.smet@ministryhealth.org


Take a picture send to MinistryCWR@live.com. Challenges expires Thursday 2/27 at 1pm!

Team: Deck of Cards: Grab a deck of cards and distribute the deck evenly amongst your team. Flip the cards over and do that number for each exercise.

A = 21, K = 20, Q =19, J = 18, joker = 0
Heart = Squat
Diamond = Push-ups
Spade = Crunches
Club = Team choice for exercise

Get 21 Team points by showing us who had the most reps and their cards.


Individual: : Find the bridge. Throughout the weight race, we work together with others to bridging our experiences. Traci always says, “Everyone has a story to share” Show us your bridge for 6 stamps.

BONUS: Bring a minimum of 3 non-perishables to get triple points for each item. Example: 3 canned items = 9 stamps.


The team with the most points wins $50 at the end of the MCWR!

1. Abandon Poundage 109 points
2. Bringing Sexy Back 79 points
3. Team Frostman Wellness 52 points
4. Drop it like it’s Hot 42 points
5. Duzy Dupas 35 points
6. God’s Squad 20 points
7. Droppin’ Pines 15 points
8. Fab-U-Less 12 points
9. Super Optimistic Noodle Squad 2 12 points
10. On the Edge, per Traci 10 points
11. The Adipose Avengers…we make Fat Cry! 10 points
12. Tummy Terminators 10 points
13. Double D’s 5 points

Happenings This Week

Please pay special note if the class requires advanced sign-up or not.

Monday Feb 24th
2-7:00pm MANDATORY Weigh-in
@Ministry 2501
Tuesday Feb 25th
2-7:00pm MANDATORY Weigh-in
@Ministry 2501
Wednesday Feb 26th
2-7:00pm MANDATORY Weigh-in
@Ministry 2501
Thursday Feb 27th
5-7:00 PM Coaching
@Ministry 2501
Advanced signup required

Make a Connection with a Coach. No great accomplishment is ever done alone. Great Olympic athletes have coaches for the sport, conditioning, nutrition and for their mental strength. Get a coach now and see and feel the difference.

5-6:00 PM Diet Mythbusters/ Breaking Bad diets

Keep trying different diets and none seem to work? Come to our workshop and find the diet that is right for you. We will explore diets and what makes them successful. Some work, some dont, but we will show you the diet that is guarenteed results. Come to our presentation and learn the power of the diet and how to make it work for you.
@Ministry 2501

5-6:00 PM FREE Exercise: Zumba It is encouraged that you bring a water bottle to class.

Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. Suitable for any level!
@Ministry 2501

6-7:00 PM FREE Exercise: Boot Camp It is encouraged that you bring a water bottle to class.

This class is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of exercises using your own body weight. This group fitness class promotes fat loss, camaraderie, and team effort. Everyone involved works at their own pace as they team up and work towards one goal.
@Ministry 2501

SMART Dining February 24-28th:

NO RESTURANT this week
The Store: Item of the week
  • Dean's Milk Chug (Fat Free) 14oz ONLY $0.99!

Non-perishables collected

This week: 112 pounds
Total: 1,128 pounds


Wednesday Night's Nutrition Skill Class: Shopping on the Edge

This week’s nutrition class was held at Copps food market in Plover. The tour focused on the outer perimeter of the store, with some real ‘shopping on the edge!’ The students lead the participants around the store teaching them what whole foods are and how to shop for them in the best way! Whole foods are foods that have been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances. This will help you to maximize your health while grocery shopping.


Ministry Sports Medicine
900 Illinois Ave
Stevens Point, WI 54481


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