EXCEL Performance Training

This training is designed for athletes who are looking to not only improve their skills but also technique performance. All programming is specifically designed to be age appropriate and tailored to the athlete’s needs.

Team Training: This service is for coaches or schools who are looking for sports specific training for their athletes. Our performance specialist will schedule training sessions at the location of your choice

Integrated Performance Analysis: In order to get the most from your Excel program, this analysis is necessary. This is a complete functional movement screen and structural evaluation of the athlete. At the session a variety of tests and movement patterns will be performed to help assist in the design of your specific program and training sessions. This services takes about an hour to complete.

Team Building: This training uses specific drills to build interpersonal relationship and companionship among teams. We will travel to your location for this service.

Program Design: This service is for athletes that know what to do, but are unsure how to get there. Our Performance Enhancement Specialist will design a program that is exactly what you are looking for. This service requires two meetings to complete: one can be done over the phone or email and the other must be in person.

Video Analysis: This service uses slow-motion video software to analyze an athlete’s form and athletic abilities. At each session, the athlete is videotaped and analyze with our sports performance expert. Appropriate training and exercises will then be provided at each session. Receive a copy of your movement analysis and exercises for only $10

Camps and Seasonal Training: Sessions run though out the year. All training includes a brief Integrated Performance Analysis. Call for training times/dates. Training can be scheduled for a specific event/team anytime.

Excel Performance Camp: This camp is dedicated to preparing an athlete for their upcoming sport season. Each session will incorporate functional sports training techniques and is designed to improve overall athletic performance. Includes a comprehensive testing packet.

ACL Prevention Program: This program is designed to prevent ACL and other jump type injuries as a result from jumping, landing, and falling. Each session will focus on proper jumping mechanics, improving leg strength, and core stabilization exercises. A must program for all athletes!

Balance and Coordination Training: Training focuses on balance in all planes of movement, preventing falls, coordination and increasing body awareness. Great for youth athletes!

Call 715-346-5190 for more information or to set up a service.

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