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Areas of Focus for the Foundation

Necessary Needs

Provides food, medication, clothing or transportation to patients in need upon discharge; assists with staff education programs; provides funds for medical research and essential hospital equipment

Nurturing Healthy Babies and Happy Families

Distributes infant CPR kits to newborn families upon discharge; provides breast pumps to new mothers who are experiencing difficulty with lactation; provides neonatal sleep sacks; offers annual bereavement program for parents who have lost a child; provides educational classes for newborn families


Through the Youth Apprentice Program, offers scholarships to local area low income students and/or high achieving students pursuing health care degrees; offers scholarships to Ministry Saint Clare's Hospital student volunteers

Victims of Abuse and Assault

Offers critical programs that support children and adult victims of abuse and sexual assault; trains emergency department nurses to treat victims of rape or abuse and to collect vital evidence that assists in criminal convictions; purchases crucial specialized forensic equipment.


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