Heart Care Team Recognizes Contributions of EMS Partners

Members of the Marshfield Clinic and Ministry Health Care Heart Care Team based at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston recently recognized the efforts of Emergency Medical System (EMS) partners for their contributions to the Rescue 1 program.

Time saves heart muscle because the most serious risks of permanent heart damage increase as time goes by. Often, such damage can be avoided if the patient receives advanced care quickly.

Rescue 1 unites the efforts of local EMS units, Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation and community hospitals to rapidly initiate treatment for patients of heart attack, and transfer them to advanced care centers in Marshfield and Weston.

With Rescue 1, a heart attack patient is quickly stabilized and prepared for interventional treatment while en route. Everything is in motion and coordinated at the Emergency Department, during transport, and at the Cath lab, saving precious time when it’s most needed.

During the last month, Heart Team members from Weston visited with Lincoln County-Merrill Fire & EMS, the Emergency Department at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center in Merrill and with the system wide staff of Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation Services to outline how their contributions have played a key role in meeting national benchmarks for heart attack care.

“Our local EMS partners and referring facilities play a critical role in delivering a higher standard of care for heart attack patients,” said Jan Abell, R.N., Janet Abell, Director of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Services in Weston. “This results in improved outcomes for our patients.”

Each year, more than half a million Americans experience ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), out-of-hospital cardiac arrest or both. The majority of these patients fail to receive appropriate treatment for their life-threatening conditions within recommended timeframes.

Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital and Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield each received the American College of Cardiology Foundation’s NCDR ACTION Registry–GWTG Platinum Performance Achievement Award for 2012 – two of only 164 hospitals nationwide to do so.

This program was created by the American Heart Association as a response to missed opportunities for prompt, appropriate STEMI treatment. 

The award recognizes the Heart Care Teams commitment and success in implementing a higher standard of care for heart attack patients, and signifies that they reached an aggressive goal of treating these patients to those high standard levels of care as outlined by the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association clinical guidelines and recommendations.

“Providing this level of high-quality heart care takes contributions from physicians and staff on all levels of many departments and facilities,” added Abell. 

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