Ministry Sponsored Skills Day Provides Health Training for School Staff

Schools often serve as the activity hub for communities large and small across the world.
They also bring the potential for health emergencies of all different types.

As part of an effort to better train non-medical school staff to respond to health emergencies,  Ministry Health Care sponsored Marathon County Special Education’s first-ever School Health Skills Day, on Thursday, August 22 at the Holiday Inn, Cedar Creek.

More than 100 attendees from nearly 40 different school districts and public health agencies attended the one-day program which featured presentations on topics covering medication administration laws and best practices, the role of unlicensed assistive personal,  anaphylaxis and concussion management. Afternoon skill development sessions demonstrated use of epinephrine-auto-injectors, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and splinting.

The program was encouraged by Jeffrey Lamont, MD, FAAP, a Marshfield Clinic Pediatrician on staff at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston. Dr. Lamont recently completed work as a member of an American Academy of Pediatrics Steering Committee for the publication of Pediatric First Aid for Caregivers and Teachers (PedFACTs) 2nd Edition.

This edition contains 18 pediatric first aid and emergency care topics. These topics include common first aid situations that one might encounter when caring for a child. It also includes what to do for some serious emergencies while waiting for medical care.

“Nearly 70-percent of schools nationwide activate local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for students each year while almost the same number say their school nurses managed a life threatening emergency in the past 12 months,” Dr. Lamont told the capacity crowd as part of his keynote address. “This program is a collaborative effort to help meet the health needs of our children in school and give those willing to step forward in a health emergency the skill and confidence to make a difference when seconds matter most.”

Ministry Health Care’s sponsorship of the event provided a complimentary copy of PedFACTs in appreciation and recognition of Dr. Lamont and his dedicated service to children, families and the medical community in central Wisconsin. “PedFACTs is a wonderful resource and we are thankful for Ministry Health Care’s support of this event which exceeded our expectations,” said Kelly Kapitz, Assistant Administrator of Pupil Services, Marathon County Special Education.

Kapitz says they hope to make School Health Skills Day and annual event.

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