Telecommunications Outage Impacting Weston Regional Medical Center Campus

April 10, 2017

As the result of severe thunderstorms which hit central Wisconsin overnight a telecommunications outage in the community has impacted telephone service at the Weston Regional Medical Center Campus.

The outage is currently impacting both incoming and outgoing phone calls at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital, part of Ascension, The Diagnostic & Treatment Center and Ministry Medical Group Clinics in Weston and Rib Mountain.

In general, the campus is experiencing intermittent issues outgoing calls as well as incoming calls placed directly to patient rooms, individual departments and clinics in Weston and Rib Mountain. 

Anyone with an emergency involving a patient or family member is asked to call the Ministry Saint Clare’s Switchboard at 715.393.3000. Hospital staff is prepared to connect family members as needed.

“Our staff immediately activated our emergency response procedures to continue to meet the needs of our patients without any problems during this incident which is ongoing,” said Rachel Yaron, Chief Administrative Officer, Ministry Saint Clare’s.

Further updates will be provided as they are available. 

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