About Us

Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital in Tomahawk and Ministry Saint Mary's Hospital in Rhinelander were run independently by Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother until they consolidated in October 1981. The merger broadened available medical services and maximized resources for the hospitals. Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital is a primary care facility staffed for 49 beds. In Spring 2003, Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital and Ministry Medical Group - Tomahawk moved into a newly constructed 55,700-square-foot combined facility.

Key Services

Today, Ministry Sacred Heart-Saint Mary's Hospitals and its medical staff, most of whom are affiliated with Ministry Medical Group-Northern Region provide a wide range of services in most major specialties. Ministry Sacred Heart-Saint Mary's Hospitals have initiated numerous community health outreach programs including Springer Memorial Free Clinic, sponsorship of Family Resource Connection, Community Link, ECHO Parish Nursing and the first major community health improvement plan in the Ministry Health Care system.

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