Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital

Preserving local care while introducing modern amenities

Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital and Ministry Medical Group in Tomahawk have a long history of providing medical care in the Tomahawk community. Our combined state-of-the-art facility offers a new standard of health care to residents of Tomahawk and surrounding communities. Our medical campus provides an array of advanced technology and services including shared ancillary services, specialized support such as diabetic care and pain management, digital imaging capabilities, expanded orthopedic services, walk-in clinic, same-day clinic appointments, and 24 hour emergency services. These features combine with our long history of quality care and individual attention given to each patient by our excellent physicians, physician assistants and highly trained staff.

As part of Ministry Health Care, Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital and Ministry Medical Group collaborate with other health care providers within our region to provide you and your family with the best care. We continually look for ways to meet your needs, furthering our commitment to Tomahawk patients.

Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital and Ministry Saint Mary's Hospital in Rhinelander, Wisconsin were run independently by Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother until they consolidated in October 1981. The merger broadened available medical services and maximized resources for the hospitals. Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital is a primary care facility staffed for 18 beds. In Spring 2003, Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital and the outpatient clinic moved into a newly constructed 55,700 square-foot combined facility.

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