Anticoagulation Clinic Available in Rhinelander and Tomahawk

Anticoagulation services have been available in Rhinelander for more than four years and in Tomahawk since September 2008. Ministry Medical Group (MMG) established the Anticoagulation Clinic for patient safety and continuity of care under the supervision of the patient’s Primary Care Provider. MMG opened the clinics primarily to help patients monitor their use of the drug Coumadin (also known as Warfarin). The purpose of the Anticoagulation Clinic is to provide safe, convenient and effective management of Coumadin on an outpatient basis. For patients currently taking this blood-thinning medication having this service conveniently located and available is important in managing their risk of blood clots.

At each visit, the patient comes directly to the Anticoagulation Clinic. The patient is asked a few questions to ensure there have been no pertinent changes since their last visit. A small amount of blood is captured from a finger prick. The results are available instantaneously. Patients are given their Protime/INR results and if necessary dosage changes are made at this same time. At the end of each visit a convenient recheck appointment is made before leaving the clinic. Patients are also given a direct number to contact the Anticoagulation Clinic staff and are encouraged to call with any questions or concerns.

MMG’s Anticoagulation Clinic is headed up by Dr. Steven Brooks, MMG Internal Medicine, as the medical director. The anticoagulation clinic nursing staff includes Joan Jensen, RN and Kim Macdonald, RN in Rhinelander and Cathy Heikkinen, RN in Tomahawk. This staff is specially trained for the Anticoagulation Clinic, having taken a 40 hour accredited course through the University of Southern Indiana to become certified.

For more information or to be referred to the Ministry’s Anticoagulation Clinic in Rhinelander or Tomahawk please contact your Primary Care Provider.

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