Pre-Admission Surgery Program

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Surgery and hospitalization can cause fear and anxiety in anyone ... especially in children and their families. The Child Life Department provides a pre-admission program to help familiarize you and your child with the hospital. Through this program we hope to decrease your anxieties, provide information, and answer questions you may have about your child's surgery.

The Pre-Admission Surgery Program at Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital is designed for children age birth to 18 years old and their parents and siblings. The Program includes a tour of the Outpatient Surgery area, Family Waiting Room, Pediatric Unit, an opportunity for medical play, and a question and answer period. At the conclusion of the tour, your child will receive a certificate and packet of hospital supplies they can play with at home to continue to prepare for their upcoming hospitalization. It is our hope that with proper preparation both child and family will feel more comfortable with their hospital experience.

The individual tours are held on your pre-op day or are pre-scheduled at a convenient time for you. A Child Life Specialist will call you two weeks prior to your child's scheduled surgery or you can call the Child Life Program at 715-389-4308.

Preparing for Your Child's Surgery
Some children may be scheduled for Outpatient Surgery, which means they would be able to go home the same day they have their surgery. Other children may be required to stay in the Hospital following their surgery. Your physician will make these decisions at the time of your child's Preoperative Evaluation Visit.

Preoperative Evaluation Visit
When your physician schedules your child for surgery, an appointment for a preoperative evaluation will be made one to several days before the procedure. Your physician will contact you by mail with the time of the appointment. The preoperative evaluation may include appointments to see a pediatrician for a physical exam; the Anesthesia Department to discuss your child's anesthesia; the Radiology Department if x-rays are needed; the lab for any necessary blood work, and also your child's surgeon. At this time, you also will sign the necessary consent forms needed for surgery.

You will receive instructions about when to feed and bathe your child before surgery. It is very important to follow these guidelines carefully!

If your child develops cold or flu symptoms between the preoperative visit and the scheduled surgery day, please call Marshfield Clinic at 1-800-782-8581, and ask for the pediatrician that met with your child during the preoperative evaluation. If you are calling after 5 p.m. or on the weekend, ask for the pediatrician on call.

Things to Know on the Day of Surgery

It is very important not to give your child anything to eat or drink, as instructed.

Check in at Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital Admitting Desk located by the Outpatient Surgery/Emergency entrance.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany your child on the day of surgery.

Your child may bring their favorite blanket, toy, book or comfort item when they come to the hospital.

You may want to bring comfortable clothes for your child to wear home upon discharge from the hospital.

After Your Child's Surgery ...

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
Recovering from anesthesia is an important aspect of your child's care. After surgery, your child will be brought to the PACU. He/she will be continuously monitored until awake enough to return to the outpatient area or pediatrics. When your child enters the PACU, you will be notified in the Family Waiting Room.

Children can react differently to anesthesia. Some children may awaken crying or restless while others may be sleepy. All of these responses are normal.

Our goal is to decrease your child's anxiety and pain while in the PACU. He/she will receive medications for pain as needed. One of the perioperative pediatric nurses or the Child Life Specialist will come in to be with your child. One parent may be allowed to visit their child in the PACU per nurse's discretion. When your child is awake and comfortable, he/she will be transported to the outpatient area or pediatrics. You will be notified in the Family Waiting Room when your child is transferred.

Managing Your Child's Pain
Your physician will prescribe pain medication. There may be a button that allows your child (or you) to give small amounts of intravenous pain medication. When your child starts to feel better, a pill can be taken for the pain. We will ask your child how much they hurt so the nurse knows when to give more medication.

Parental Expectations
Parents are welcome to help with any part of their child's care. Discuss your expectations with your nurses, so we can meet your needs. One parent will be allowed to stay overnight with your child.

Discharge Teaching
When there is a new type of care or equipment that your child will need at home, we expect the parent/guardian to plan time to be at the hospital to learn and practice the cares. You can arrange this with your nurse or discharge planner, in the days prior to discharge.


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