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Have you ever visited or stayed in the hospital? Kids visit and stay in the hospital for all different reasons. Check out where you would stay...

Tour of Pediatric Unit at Ministry Saint Joseph's Children's Hospital

Come along and explore the hospital with our special friend and tour guide, Molly.

Molly went to the hospital a few months ago because she was feeling sick. After arriving at the hospital, Molly had many different people taking care of her. Molly met doctors, nurses, and her Child Life Specialist, Sarah. There were also many other special helpers that cared for Molly too.

Molly's doctor said she needed an "IV" to help her get better. Do you know what an "IV" is? Well, don't worry because Molly didn't know either. Molly's Child Life Specialist, Sarah, explained to Molly that an "IV" is a special tiny straw that goes into blue lines, or veins, in your body (probably in your hand). Can you look at your hands? Do you see the blue lines or veins? These blue lines are like little roads that blood and medicine can through to get to parts of our bodies. This special tiny straw in Molly's hand is then connected to a long tube and bag, filled with special water. This special water may have sugars, vitamins, and nutrients to help Molly feel better. Learn more about having an IV started.

Molly soon learned that the doctors wanted her to have a "CAT Scan". Molly didn't know what a "CAT Scan" was, but she knew she didn't like cats!!

Molly's Child Life Specialist, Sarah, explained to Molly what a "CAT Scan" really was...

A CAT SCAN is.....

Click here to learn more and see pictures of a CAT scanner.

Here are a few more things Molly saw during her hospital stay. Molly wanted to share everything she learned in the hospital with all of her friends...

What is a Blood Pressure Cuff?

What is an Electronic Thermometer?

What is a Pulse Oximeter?

When Molly went back to school she told all of her friends about her experience in the hospital. She found out that she wasn't the only person that needed to go to the hospital or clinic to feel better. One of Molly's friends told her he had been to the clinic before to have an MRI scan. Another girl explained that her brother had been diagnosed with cancer and needed to have a lumbar puncture and bone marrow aspiration. Molly felt good that other children had hospital stories to share too!

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