A CAT or CT scan is a special kind of x-ray camera that takes of a picture of your insides. It looks just like a big donut or waterslide. Don' worry though, just like a picture with a regular camera, a picture with a "CAT Scan" camera doesn't hurt at all. When you go to get a CAT scan, the nurse will have you lie down on a special table. The nurse will go into another room and press a button. You will still be able to talk to the nurse and tell her if you need anything. When the nurse presses the button you will feel the table move into the tunnel of the machine. Only part of your body will be in the tunnel though. Some kids like to pretend they are in a spaceship when the table moves. Your only job in the CAT Scan is to hold very, very still and listen for the nurse to say you are all done!

Blood Pressure Cuff

Molly's nurse came in her room to check her blood pressure. Molly's nurse used a special cloth with Velcro on it to take her blood pressure. Molly's nurse explained that the blood pressure cuff wraps around the arm to give it a tight hug. Molly's nurse uses the blood pressure cuff to tell her how hard Molly's heart is working.

Electronic Thermometer

Molly's nurse also checks Molly's temperature. Do you know where a nurse would take Molly's temperature? Your temperature can be taken in your ear, under your arm or in Molly's case, in her mouth under her tongue. Molly's nurse placed a special instrument called a 'probe' under her tongue. There was a special screen attached to the probe and Molly got to watch the numbers go up and up. What do you think Molly's temperature was? 98.6 degrees F, the average or normal temperature of the human body.

Pulse Oximeter

When Molly was in the hospital, her nurse said she needed a 'pulse ox' on her finger. Her nurse explained that a 'pulse ox' or 'pulse oximeter' looks like a little clip or sticker that lights up red. This clip or sticker can be put on your finger or toe. Don't worry this doesn't hurt at all! The clip or sticker has a little wire that hooks up to a little screen with numbers. The 'pulse ox' shows the nurse how well you are breathing or how much oxygen is in your blood. Molly discovered that when all the lights were off at night, her finger would glow red just like E.T.'s finger!

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