Our program integrates classroom and clinical instruction on a weekly basis by providing didactic instruction two days per week and clinical instruction three days per week. This schedule allows students to apply the didactic information that they have learned toward performing patient studies. Typically, didactic instruction is completed at the end of March, at which point students work clinically five days per week.

All instruction is based on a building block approach. Didactically, many of the lectures are a review of previous college course work with an emphasis on concepts as they apply to nuclear medicine. Clinically, there is a high degree of supervision at the beginning of the internship, but as students’ nuclear medicine knowledge and skills increase, supervision is reduced, allowing them to perform routine studies more independently.

All clinical nuclear medicine rotations are performed at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital. Additionally, there are two rotations at the local Cardinal Health radiopharmacy along with rotations through other various radiology-related areas.

Course Sequence

The courses in the Nuclear Medicine Technology curriculum are broken down into two semesters that divide the 12-month internship in half.

Semester I

Course Title Credits
NMT-401 Management & Methods of Patient Care 1
NMT-403 Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology 4
NMT-405 Radiation Protection 2
NMT-412 Clinical Practicum I 5
NMT-417 Nuclear Radiation Physics and Instrumentation 2
NMT-418 Clinical Procedures Review 3


Semester II

Course Title Credits
NMT-407 Clinical Instrumentation and Techniques 4
NMT-413 Clinical Practicum II 5
NMT-419 Clinical Radiation Biology 2
NMT-423 Radiopharmacy 3
NMT-427 Application of Computers in Nuclear Medicine 2
NMT-499 Independent Study 1


Grading and Evaluation

Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital Nuclear Medicine Technology Program utilizes the following forms of evaluation: written exams, skills rubrics, staff evaluations, and faculty reviews.

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