Academic Policies

Academic Status

At the completion of each grading period, a student may be promoted, dismissed, or placed on probation. The student will be given a written statement of rationale for the probation and notified of the length of the probation. If the student continues on probation after the allotted time, he/she will be dismissed from the program.



  1. Promotion is based on satisfactory completion of course and level ( first or second year ) requirements.
  2. A student progresses from Level I ( freshman ) to Level II ( senior ) courses.
  3. All Level I courses are prerequisite to Level II courses.
  4. All courses at Level I must be completed satisfactorily prior to promotion to Level II courses.
  5. A "C" average for all courses is necessary for promotion.
  6. A student must pass a comprehensive examination after completing all first year courses.



Students will be placed on academic probation if they have an academic average below "C" (2.00). They will receive a written statement, which will include the length of the probation and the date at which their academic grade point average must be at least 2.00. Dismissal will result if they fail to achieve a "C" average. Students will be placed on academic probation if they receive a "D" in any one course in any given grade period. Students will be placed on a 30-day probation period for failing the competency exam. A retest must be taken within the 30 days.



Dismissal from the program may result from significant or repeated violations of school, Hospital, and Clinic policies, engaging in disruptive behavior or for academic reasons.

  1. Refer to the Student Handbook for delineation of school policies and expectations of student conduct.
  2. Academic dismissal will result if:
    • A student receives a grade of "F" in any course.
    • A student receives more than one "D" throughout the entire length of the program.
    • A student fails to pass the comprehensive examination the second time.


Leave of Absence

Students in good academic standing may be granted a leave of absence. A written request, which includes the reason for the absence and plans for reentering the program, should be given to the Program Director. The Program Director and Clinical Instructor will consider each request on an individual basis.


Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Students withdrawing from the program must follow the Withdrawal Procedure as stated in the Student Handbook.

A student who wishes to withdraw from the school must submit a letter of withdrawal to the Director stating the reason(s) for withdrawal. The date a notice of withdrawal is received, rather than the last date of attendance, will be considered as the basis for refund. The student is liable for full tuition if enrolled for five months or more. If enrollment has been for less than five months, charges will be as shown below, and any remaining balance paid will be refunded, excluding textbook costs.


Within one month 80%
Within two months 60%
Within three months 40%
Within four months 20%
After beginning of fifth month None



Graduation is based on successful achievement of all objectives, requirements, and obligations of the School of Radiography.

  1. A grade point average of 2.00 (C) is required for all courses in the curriculum in order for the student to graduate.
  2. Prior to graduation, the following obligations must be met:
    • Return film badge and ID badge to Department of Radiology.
    • Return all outstanding materials to school.
  3. Clear all accounts with Accounting Department and school office.
  4. Leave forwarding address and place of employment with Program Director.
  5. Commencement exercises are held annually. All graduates must attend.
  6. Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital School of Radiography awards a diploma and a pin to all graduates. The diploma confers eligibility to the National Registry Examination for Radiography for registration to practice.
  7. Upon completion of the required courses in the program, each student's cumulative GPA is calculated. An award is given to the student with the highest GPA. The award is presented during the commencement exercises.
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