Other Policies

Student Handbook

A student handbook is issued to each student upon entrance into the program. The student's responsibilities are outlined in the handbook. Other policies are also listed in the handbook.


Student Privacy Regulations

In compliance with the requirement of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended by the Buckle-Pell Amendment, Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital School of Radiography students can review the official education records maintained by the school. Policies on student privacy are published in the Student Handbook.



Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital School of Radiography does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, age, or national origin in the educational program or activities it operates, including employment there in and admission there to. This statement is published, in part, to fulfill the requirements of title IX of the Higher Education Amendments of 1973 an Section 86.9 of Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations, the administrative regulations passed pursuant to Title IX.


Counseling Services

Counseling service is available through the Program Director, Clinical Instructor and faculty of the school to help students with their educational, personal, financial, employment, and social problems. In the event a problem exceeds the professional limitations of the school personnel, appropriate services/ resources will be recommended.


Spiritual Guidance

A chapel is located in the Hospital. A list of Marshfield churches with scheduled Masses and services is posted on bulletin boards within the building. Spiritual counsel, both Catholic and Protestant, is available to students at all times through the Spiritual Services Department of the Hospital.


Student Health Program

Students are responsible for their own health care and insurance coverage.


Student Pregnancy

  • Female students who enter or become pregnant while attending Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital School of Radiography will abide by the regulations (Appendix to the Regulatory Guide 8.13) concerning radiation exposure to the fetus and mother.
  • The student's status concerning graduation due to the pregnancy shall be decided by the Program Director.
  • The student may only continue her education during and after her pregnancy with the written consent of her physician.
  • All time missed, in excess of the student's allotted excused absences during and after the pregnancy, will be made up at the conclusion of the student's training.
  • Students are required to sign an acknowledgement of instruction of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Guide concerning prenatal radiation exposure.
  • Students who are pregnant while attending radiography school shall:
    • Wear lead shielding containing a minimum of 0.5 mm. of lead over the abdominal area when lead shielding is required.
    • Wear a second monitor badge under the lead apron for fetal readings only. The radiation monitor badge readings shall not exceed 0.5 rems for the nine-month gestation period.

For further information, see Student Handbook.


Communicable Disease

Students should notify the Clinical Instructor or Program Director if they have been injured or have mucous membrane contact with contaminated materials while in their clinical assignments, or if they have come in contact with a communicable disease outside the program facilities. For more information, see Student Handbook.


Personal Property

All reasonable precautions are taken to protect personal property brought into the Hospital, however, the school cannot assume responsibility for the personal property of the student.



The School maintains a library of professional journals, reference books and other pertinent program materials, which are located in the classroom and school office. The students can also use the Medical Library (located in Marshfield Clinic) and the Hospital's Learning Resource Center.



Housing is the responsibility of the student. Most students contact fellow students and share apartments.


Food Service

The Hospital dining room (Four Seasons) is available for student use. A vending area for food and drink is also available in the same area. The student is responsible for the cost of all meals.


Transportation and Parking Facilities

The students are responsible for providing their own means of transportation. Parking for automobiles is available in the Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital employee lots. There also are bicycle racks in various locations around the Hospital.


Student Government Organization

A student representative for each class is elected by his/her classmates. These two students facilitate communication and cooperation among students, faculty, and administration. Functions include making recommendations on school policies and any other factors related to the students' education.


Dress Code

Students must be professional in appearance.

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