Band-Aid Books

Photo cutline:   Shown with the recently donated band-aids are (from left)
Emilee Thomson, ESCNA  vice president; Giese; and Chrissy Swan, ESCNA president.

Remember as a kid getting a cut or scrape?  Did you get a boring, flesh-colored band-aid on it, or did your mom or dad bring out the “cool” band-aids? Maybe ones with Disney characters or GI Joe, and let you choose the one you wanted?

That’s the premise behind the Band-Aid Books used by Child Life Specialists at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital and Marshfield Clinic Children’s. The project started about 10 years ago, with various “fun” band-aids put in binders, for children to choose the one they want. The result is a phethora of  band-aids that appeal to kids of all ages, such as Sponge Bob, Despicables, tye-dye, camouflage, even bacon and eggs. The books are located in Pediatrics, Pediatric Intensive Care, Surgery, Emergency Department and various clinic areas. Since the program’s inception, various school and community groups have conducted “band-aid drives” to keep the books replenished.

Recently, students at the Eau Claire Student Nurses Association (ECSAN)-Marshfield site jumped on the bandwagon and donated two grocery bags full of more band-aids.

“This is a wonderful project that really benefits our young patients,” said Heidi Giese, CCLS, CTRS, CIMI, Child Life manager at the hospital. “It allows the patients to have some control and make a choice, even if it is just which type of band-aid they’d like. The band-aid books also are a great distraction for patients when they get immunizations or have an IV taken out. We couldn’t continue the program without the help of donations like that from the Nurses Association. Our patients love it.”

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