Hybrid OR benefits patients


Patients suffering from peripheral vascular disease or who require vascular procedures, with a possibility of a more invasive surgical approach will benefit from a new Hybrid Operating Room/Vascular Suite recently installed at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital.

The suite, the first in the region, is designed to allow physicians to perform the most advanced surgical and minimally invasive vascular procedures in the same room.

“We are proud to offer patients in north central Wisconsin the latest innovation in vascular care,” said Michal Nawalany, MD, Marshfield Clinic vascular surgeon on staff at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital. “Because the Vascular Lab is also a fully-equipped surgical suite, we can immediately convert from minimally invasive vascular procedure to an open surgical procedure if needed. There is no need to relocate the patient or refer the case to a new surgical team.”

The new suite, at a cost of $2.5 million, features a multi-axis angiography system called an “Artis Zeego.” The robotic technology allows virtually unrestricted freedom of movement. This facilitates positioning that enables physicians to perform the most advanced vascular and surgical procedures and techniques. The robotic-assisted positioning also allows the 3-D visualization of larger sections of anatomy, so physicians can detect narrowed or blocked arteries in a faster, more thorough way.

The suite is equipped with numerous large, high-definition, flat-screen monitors, for viewing the images, as well as the patient’s vital signs.

“Better images and improved workflow lead to a faster and more accurate diagnosis,” said Greg Babcock, MD, Marshfield Clinic interventional radiologist on staff at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital. “Advanced technology leads to improved patient outcomes.”

An open house of Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital’s new Vascular Hybrid Operating Room/Vascular Suite will be from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, July 23.

The open house will feature tours, informational materials and displays, demonstrations, hors d’oeuvres, prize drawings and give-aways. Attendees can enter through the hospital’s main entrance or second floor Emergency Department Entrance and follow signs.

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