Kohl’s Donates More than $69,000 to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital


MARSHFIELD, Wis. — Kohl's Department Stores, through the Kohl's Cares® cause merchandise program, presented a donation of $69,561 to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Marshfield during an event recently at the Rib Mountain Kohl’s store.

Donations for the grant were collected from Kohl’s stores located in the Marshfield area. This marks the first year of partnership between Kohl’s and Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital for the hospital’s children’s injury prevention programs.

This year's grant will support the Kohl’s Kids on the Go program, which teaches teens and their families about the importance of safe driving. Distracted driving occurs anytime someone takes his or her eyes off the road, hands off the wheel or mind off the task of driving. Teenagers are more likely to engage in distracted driving habits, such as: talking or texting on cell phones, changing a CD or radio station, and eating or becoming distracted by other teenagers in the car. In fact, fatal crashes involving 16-year-olds are more likely to occur when other teenagers are in the car, and the risk increases with every additional passenger.

The hundreds of attendees at the event got a chance to learn just how easy it is to drive distracted and what the consequences are. Many participated in the distracted driving simulator, offered through Mid-State Technical College. Others participated in the “Distract a Match” game. They then could sign a “contract” promising not to drive while distracted.

The event also featured a Q&A with the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department, a live radio broadcast, an appearance by the Ministry Spirit Critical Care ground ambulance, refreshments, educational materials and giveaway items.

Kohl's commitment to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is made possible through the Kohl's Cares cause merchandise program. Through this initiative, Kohl’s sells $5 books and plush toys, with 100 percent of net profit benefiting children’s health and education programs nationwide, including hospital partnerships like this one. Kohl's has raised more than $231 million through this merchandise program. In addition to the merchandise program, Kohl's Cares features the Kohl's Cares® Scholarship Program, which last year recognized more than 2,300 young volunteers with more than $400,000 in scholarships and prizes. Through Kohl’s Associates in Action volunteer program, more than 669,000 associates have donated more than 2.2 million hours of their time since 2001, and Kohl’s has donated more than $63 million to youth-focused nonprofit organizations. Kohl’s also offers fundraising gift cards for schools and youth-serving organizations. For more information, visit www.Kohls.com/Cares.

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