Marshfield Community Gardens are “growing”

For the past two years and counting, Marshfield area residents with no space to grow a garden have had a taste of fresh garden produce from their own colorful garden plots. Growing Together Marshfield Community Gardens will be ready to “grow” again this planting season at three site locations.

Growing Together Marshfield Community Gardens has three established sites in Marshfield: First Presbyterian, Good Shepherd and Lincoln/St. Alban’s. Together the community gardens make up 80 garden beds and over 85 gardeners.

The purpose of the Growing Together Marshfield Community Gardens is to promote and support local food production, learn and share gardening techniques and to provide a place to garden. Growing your own vegetables promotes healthier nutrition, reduces food costs, provides food security, fosters a community activity, reduces carbon footprint through local food production and provides physical and emotional wellness.

Each gardener is allotted a 4-foot by 8-foot plot. Each bed is divided into 32 squares to support the square foot gardening technique that is used at all three sites. The square foot gardening technique greatly increases the productivity of the gardens, drastically reduces the water needed and helps keep out weeds.

Several groups worked on making the gardens a reality including members of the Healthy Lifestyles Marshfield Area Coalition, Sustainable Marshfield Committee, UW-Wood County Extension, Master Gardeners, Wood County Health Department, Green Team at First Presbyterian Church, and many individuals with an interest in a community garden.

For more information or to reserve a plot for 2012, contact Amber Engen at 715-221-8420 or

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