Udder Mudder raises $10,000 for CMN


(from left:  Katy Zaleski, Annual Giving Coordinator, Lucille & Martin Wolf, Beth & Doug Zarnke.

What began as a small dream to overcome the wet spring, resulted in an amazing outpouring of support, fun and laughs. On September 21, Memory Lane Farm in Marshfield was host to over 1,350 people, of which 860 participated in the 5k Mud Obstacle Course (Udder Mudder) and the Lil’ Piggy Plunge for children 9 and younger. 

Due to the overwhelming response, the Udder Mudder event proudly donated $10,000 to Children’s Miracle Network of Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital.  Who knew that mud and obstacles could be so much fun for such a great cause?

“Thank you to all who participated or helped in any way,” said organizer Beth Zarnke. “Words cannot describe the emotion that came over us as we were honored to have several children who benefited from Children’s Miracle Network lead the challenge.  Thank you to the CMN kids, who courageously ran with nearly every group in the opening gate and helped support the finishers.  Your smiles and energy were an inspiration to all!”

Martin and Lucille Wolf, owners of Memory Lane Farm, credited the volunteers.  “We had over 100 volunteers, who planned, pounded and participated with open hearts,” said Martin.  “Thank you, because your generosity in making this a success from beginning to end was amazing.  Although the weather was cool, your warmness and positive energy flowed throughout the event.” 

“To our sponsors, we can’t thank you enough for your ideas, products and support,” said Beth.  “In many cases they reached out to us to assist before we asked.  To our participants and spectators… thank you for supporting such a beautiful cause.  Whatever your motivation was for participating, we thank you for your positive and energetic presence.  There was no better sight than seeing families, friends, co-workers and teams arrive with costumes, smiles, and a sense of caring.”

Plans are under way for the 2014 Udder Mudder event on Saturday, September 20 at Memory Lane Farms.

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