*Daily log

*Weekly Summaries:
1. Are to be turned in to the supervisor each Monday for the previous week.
2. Entries are made in the log for each day you participate.
3. You will be assigned a focus related to your readings each week.
4. Log entries include the following information: procedural observations, observations of other health care professionals and any other significant observations or experiences. Your entries should go beyond a step-by-step description of your activities. Please analyze and evaluate your observations and your own performance. For example:One day you choose to describe in detail a play interaction with an individual including a discussion with how a child's behavior relates to your readings and how you may change your actions to improve the outcome.

*Special project with outline


*Group Interactions

*Bedside Interactions

*Case study or PowerPoint presentation


*Multidisciplinary rounds/report

*Pediatric departmental staff meetings/Child Life Staff Meetings

*Participation in special events and holidays, i.e. Children's Miracle Network events, Child Life Week

*Orientation session

*Weekly supervision session

*Meeting/observing other disciplines

*Assigned readings and viewing videos

*Discuss Denver Developmental Screening Test II

*Plan, implement, and evaluate group activities

*Complete midterm, final, mentor, and program evaluations

*Attend some administrative meetings

*Participate in Medical Play and Preparation

*Complete behavioral and developmental assessments

*Participate in monthly statistics and CQI reports

*View one to two other approved facilities and complete written observation

*Participate in evening and weekend coverage

*Observe a First Grade School Tour (during school year only)

*Facilitate a Pre-Admission Surgery Tour

*Participate in Volunteer Training

*Supervise volunteers and lower level students

*The facility supervisor is responsible for at least one on-site visit or conference call during the internship.

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