Communications and Media

Telephones and Mail

Patient rooms have telephones that have been assigned a direct number, with the exception of Critical Care, Intensive Care, and Behavioral Health Services.

Direct Call

To call a patient directly:

Bed 1 or private room

715.389.4 + room number

Bed 2

715.389.5 + room number

Local Call

To place a local call 8 + seven-digit number.

Long Distance

Long distance calls must be billed collect to a credit card or third-party payer. To place a long-distance call: 8 + 0 + area code + seven-digit number.

Visual or Hearing Impaired

Special telephones are available for visually and/or hearing-impaired patients, including TTY phone. Contact a staff member for arrangements.

Call Block

Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., all calls to patient rooms are answered by Telecommunications. This call block is necessary for patient rest and comfort. Patients are able to use their phones to make calls during these hours. If there is an urgent need to reach a patient, call the nursing unit or Telecommunications.


Mail is delivered to patients on weekdays. Staff can assist with outgoing mail.



Computer access is available in the Main Lobby and the Learning Resource Center located in the West Building.


The Learning Resource Center (LRC), a full service library, is located on the first floor in the West Building, and is open to patients and visitors. Special requests for reading materials or entertainment videos can be made by calling the LRC at 715.387.7374.


Several of the major newspapers are available at the main entrance and outside Four Seasons Dining Room.


Televisions and radios are available in most patient rooms. Local, area and some cable channels are available, as well as in-house patient education and relaxation channels. For a complete listing of television and radio offerings, please refer to the TV and Radio Guide located on your bedside stand.

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