Almquist named Society of Hospital Medicine Fellow

John Almquist, MD, FHM, director of Hospitalist Services at Ministry Medical Group was recently named Fellow in Hospital Medicine (FHM) by the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM).  Dr. Almquist joins eight other Fellows in Wisconsin and over 500 in the United States.

“Hospitalists have been asking for a unique designation that clearly identifies those physicians whose career is committed to hospital medicine,” said Larry Wellikson, MD, SHM’s chief executive officer. “A fellowship program was the natural next step. Hospitalists who earn their FHM designation will have a demonstrated commitment to hospital medicine, systems change, and quality improvement principals.”

To be designated as a Fellow in Hospital Medicine, an applicant must be a hospitalist for five years, a member of SHM for three years, demonstrate their dedication to quality and process improvement, commitment to organizational teamwork and leadership, as well as lifelong learning and education.

“This recognition is really about a genuine interest in providing the best care for our patients at Ministry,” stated Dr. Almquist on being named SHM Fellow. “As a hospitalist I truly enjoy learning, researching and teaching about hospital medicine.”

Many patients are referred to hospitalists by their primary care physicians for treatment during the duration of their hospitalization then returned to the care of their primary care provider after discharge. Hospitalists consult on and treat patients referred by surgeons and medical subspecialists during their hospitalizations. Hospitalists also care for the “unassigned patient” who has no primary doctor.

SHM is the premier medical society representing hospitalists. Over the past decade, studies have shown that hospitalists decrease patient lengths of stay, reduce hospital costs and readmission rates, all while increasing patient satisfaction. Hospital medicine is the fastest-growing specialty in modern health care, with over 28,000 hospitalists currently practicing and an upward growth trajectory in full force. For more information about SHM, visit

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