Hospital receives second excellence award for rehab services

Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital Departments of Occupational and Physical Therapy received the Outcomes Excellence Award from Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc (FOTO).

The FOTO Outcomes Excellence Award is given to organizations that exceed the national average for functional change. This is the second FOTO Award for Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital.

Only 115 out of 1800 clinics met the criteria necessary to receive the FOTO Award, putting Ministry Saint Michael’s in the top 7th percentile for positive patient outcomes for occupational and physical therapy.

The hospital received their first FOTO Award in October 2010, at that time they were one of 180 clinics receiving the award; putting them in the top 10% for positive patient functional outcomes in the country.

FOTO compiles data from 1,800 outpatient hospitals/clinics across the country to determine patient outcomes. Data is collected through patient questionnaires. Patients are asked to numerically rank their functional level (including pain level, walking, sleeping, getting dressed, etc). As they go through treatment, patients are asked to complete updates on how much their function level increases.

Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital is located at 900 Illinois Ave. Call 715.346.5000 for more information.

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