Ministry Health Care Announces Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

Liam and Emma led the pack when it came to the most popular first names given to infants born in 2013 at Ministry Health Care hospitals.

They were followed by Sofie/Sophia/Sofia and Aubree/Aubrey for girls; and Alex/Alexander and Jackson/Jaxson for boys. The 2012 winners, Aiden and Ava, also continued to be well-liked.

“Most parents have some idea of what they want to name their baby before it’s born,” said Marsha Wickham, director, inpatient services, Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital. “They may pick out several names and then choose the one that ‘fits’ once they see the child.”

“We also see a lot of different spellings of a name that sounds the same,” added Sheila Hulce-Dittmann, ICU/IMCU and birthing center manager, Howard Young Medical Center. “And many names chosen can either be used for a girl or boy, or are masculine or feminine variations of the same name. But by and large the more traditional names continue to remain favorites.”

The names Riley, Maverick, Parker, Payton and Avery were given to both boys and girls. Some examples of different spellings include Adelin/Adeline/Adelyn/Adelynn/Adalynn, Madalynn/Maddilynn/Madeleine/Madeline/Madelyn/Madelynn/Madilyn, and Jackson/Jaxen/Jaxon/Jaxson.

Spinoffs of “Ben” and “Ann” had the most variations:  Benelli, Benito, Benjamin, Bennett, Benson, Bentley and Benton; and Ana, Anabella, Anastasia, Anaya, Anellia, Aniah, Annabell, Annalissa, Annalyn, Anne, Annebeth and Annistyn.

One wonders if couples getting together in the future will be Ever and Everly, Alexander and Alexandra, Cameron and Camryn, Eli and Ellie, Gabriel and Gabreilla, Joseph and Josephine, Justin and Justine, Madden and Maddie, Oliver and Olivia, Nicholas and Nicole, Raymond and Rayne, or Samuel and Samantha.

Nature children included Azalea, Violet, Willow, Aurora, Sierra, Ivy, Lily, Savanna, Jasmine, Sage, Florah, Talon and Rosetta, as well as jewels Ruby, Jade, Opal, Saphire and Gemma.

Biblical and religious names again made the fashionable list. They included Adam, Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Noah, Judah, Joshua, Jeremiah, Jonah, Gabriel, Elizabeth, Ruth and Namoi, as well as Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Heaven, Blessings Angel, Grace, Faith, and Hope.

Ministry hospitals represented were Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Marshfield; Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital, Stevens Point; Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital, Weston; Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital, Rhinelander; Howard Young Medical Center, Woodruff; Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital, Appleton; and Mercy Medical Center, Oshkosh.

Statistics from each hospital:

Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital:  495 males   477 females
Boys’ names:  Conner, Easton, and a tie among Alex/Alexander, Liam, Grayson/Greyson and Benjamin
Girls’ names: tie between Emma and Emily/Emilee, and tie among Aubree/Aubrey, Ava and Grace

Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital:
Boys’ names: Wyatt, Mason and tie among Cameron, Logan, Liam, Oliver and Ryan
Girls’ names: Sofia/Sophia, and Addison/Addisyn, Abiagil/Abigail and Olivia.

Howard Young Medical Center:  153 males   131 females
Boys’ names: Easton, Eli, Bentley, Mason
Girls’ names: Ava, Kierra, Katelynn, Madison

Mercy Medical Center:  340 males   296 females
Boys’ names: Liam, Colin, Nolan, Sawyer
Girls’ names: Sophia, Ella, Emma, Violet

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital:   567 males   579 females
Boys’ names: Tie among Henry, Jacob and William, followed by Aiden, Alexander, Jackson and Landon
Girls’ names: Emma, and tie among Claire, Elizabeth and Sophia

Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital:  168 males   164 females
Boys’ names: Wyatt, Jackson, Jace and Levi
Girls’ names: Addison/Addyson/Adisyn, Avery, Madeline/Madelyn/Madilyn and Brooklyn

Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital:  312 males     321 females
Boys’ names: Tie between Jacob and Gabriel, Jase/Jace, Benjamin, Ethan and Liam
Girls’ names: Tie between Olivia and Ava, Sophia, Peyton, Madalynn and tie between Abigail and Addison

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