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December 1,  2015 -- GIVE NOW


The facts about breast cancer are heartbreaking -- One in every eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. In our community 100 women will be diagnosed in 2016, this means two women (and her family's) lives will be changed in an instant each week.

No woman should ever have to wonder if she has breast cancer.
No woman should ever have to go through it alone.

On average 3-4 women from our community received mammograms through the Angel Fund at Ministry Saint Michael’s Foundation last year. These women may not otherwise have had a mammogram.

Imagine how many of those women wouldn’t have known they had breast cancer.
Imagine how many lives were SAVED or prolonged.

There are many difficult decisions to make once a woman receives this news. What do I tell my family? What if I lose my hair? What kind of treatment? What kind of surgery? Lumpectomy? Mastectomy?

“When I was going through my breast cancer, I spent a lot of time on the internet in the middle of the night – trying to sort out the fact from fiction,” said Laurel Hoeth, a breast cancer survivor of Saint Michael’s Hospital.

Sometimes we all could use a little help, someone looking out for us in our time of need. Supporting the Angel Fund allows you to give hope and allow families more time together to women right here, in our community.

Make a big impact TODAY. Give now and support women in our community.


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