Emergency Department & Ambulatory Surgery Expansion and Renovation Project

Construction Info-line Phone Number 715.346.5005 or click here for more information


Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital is happy to announce plans to renovate and construct a new Emergency Department (ED) and other outpatient service areas.

This site is dedicated to provide updates, post temporary relocations of department, photos, special dates, and answers to questions throughout our construction process.

August 2015 Construction Update


HUB Temporary Relocation

Effective August 17, the HUB patient registration desk will relocate to the hospital lobby in the north main entrance. Registration will be provided in the work area (previously the Customer Service/Patient Billing Department) located between the coffee kiosk and Volunteer Services Desk. All patients arriving for Diagnostic Imaging, Respiratory Care, or GI procedures will register in this new location. Volunteer Services will then be available to escort patients to the HUB waiting area, which will remain in its current location.

Updated HUB Location Map

Patients will be notified of the location change, and maps will be available in the Clinic, and with GI and Diagnostic Imaging Schedulers. This change in patient flow is anticipated to continue at least for the next 4‐5 months until the new HUB registration area is complete. If you have questions, please call Jennifer Pulchinski, 715‐342‐6759 or Jackie Jorgenson, 715‐346‐5698.

ED Addition Opening

We have a date for the new ED addition to open – October 12. As we count down to opening day, watch for weekly updates on all the preparation activities underway. This phase of the ED/ASC project will offer a beautiful new entrance, enclosed ambulance bay, and patient access to the lower parking ramp.

Parking and Shuttle Bus

Patient and associate parking needs are once again being evaluated. Our commitment is to ensure our patients have adequate parking with easy accessibility to the building. As we move into the next construction phase, it is likely that the shuttle location will also be adjusted. Be sure to watch for upcoming communications.

Future Legacy

We are building on a 100‐year legacy with our campus revitalization, right here, on this same footprint that the Sisters began over 100 years ago. We carry it forward with this project and others on the horizon including our upcoming cancer center project.


Way Finding Map

You can download or print out our easy to use way finding map with directions to common areas of the hospital and services on each floor of Ministry Medical Group clinic.


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