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Where is the on-ramp for the parking ramp going to be? It is currently located off of Fremont Street. – Posted 1.27.14
At this time, there are no changes planned to change the access to the parking ramp for employees. The upper ramp entrance and exit off of Fremont Street will remain the same.

Will Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital will continue to see patients in the Emergency Department during construction?
Yes. Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital will continue to see patients in the Emergency Department (ED) and Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) during construction.

How long will the project take?
Construction is slated to begin in November 2013 and take approximately 15 months to complete (February 2015).

What will the ED project mean for patients?
The project will significantly improve the patient experience, offer more privacy to patients in the emergency room, and create a more efficient way to provide care.

Currently we see 40,000 annual visits in the ED. Will the new construction accommodate future growth?
Historical and projected volumes were analyzed to determine the size of the future department. More importantly, the concept of an integrated delivery model ensures maximum space utilization. The design allows multiple departments to flex into the space as demand requires.

Will the new Emergency Department expansion reduce the number of parking stalls?
The project will not affect the total number of parking stalls on campus. We anticipate more availability of parking stalls for our patients and employees as services relocate on or off the campus.

The white noise seems to have increased on the Illinois side of the building. Will the expansion further increase the noise level?
We are reviewing the possible causes for the neighborhood concern related to white noise changes. One possible reason may be the air handlers used for our imaging services, CT scanner, and MRI. We are committed to finding options to mask or reduce the noise level to make the environment better for our neighbors.

What will be the new route for ambulances and how are their routes determined?
Ambulance traffic will be routed on Fremont Street based on preliminary discussions with the Fire Commission. We will share more information as it becomes available.


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