Ministry Health Care Electronic Health Record (EHR) soon to serve all patients in Rhinelander

Ministry Health Care is pleased to announce that the Ministry Medical Group (MMG) clinic locations in Rhinelander will go live with the Electronic Health Record (EHR), beginning with Women’s Health Department at the end of July 2011, followed by Family Medicine, Rheumatology, Physical Medicine, Interventional Radiology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurology, ENT, Audiology, Surgery and Radiation Oncology. The EHR is scheduled to be fully operational in all Northern Region MMG departments by November 2011. Ministry Medical Group in Tomahawk was the first site to implement the EHR in November 2009 followed by MMG inEagleRiver, Woodruff, Crandon and Laona in March 2011.

There are many electronic health record systems in the market place; the decision to choose CattailsMD™ EHR was made because Ministry felt it was in the best interest of the patients they serve throughout north centralWisconsin. CattailsMD™ EHR will allow Ministry Medical Group, Ministry hospitals, and Marshfield Clinic to be fully integrated with a common electronic health record. Collectively, the two organizations provide patient care to many of the same patients and provide service to much of the same geographical area. The combination of Ministry andMarshfieldrecords will create the largest patient database in the State ofWisconsinwith 2.5 million patients and more than 1,000 clinicians sharing access to those records.

Implementation of the EHR is a monumental accomplishment, not only because of the countless hours and numbers of people it took to achieve, but because it represents the strategic direction of how Ministry Health Care will provide health services in the future. The EHR is one of Ministry’s biggest and single most important patient safety initiatives.

Ministry anticipates there will be questions from their patients. Following are a few of the most commonly asked:

Who will have access to my information?

As always, the privacy of your health information is strictly protected. Only medical providers and personnel directly involved in your care will access your electronic health record. In fact, our computer systems routinely audit and monitor if and how your information is being accessed.

How will my information be protected?

Many security measures, including routine auditing and monitoring of access, are in place to protect your information. These security measures meet or exceed all state and federal laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which mandates that safeguards be implemented to protect patient health information.

What happens if I need to transfer my records?

Information in your health record may be printed for transfer to a non-Ministry or Marshfield Clinic facility or to a Ministry facility that has not yet transitioned to the new system. Marshfield Clinic and Ministry Health Care facilities that have already starting using the CattailsMD™ EHR will automatically be able to access your EHR.

Will I be able to access my EHR?

Patients can always access their personal health record by contacting their local medical record department at any Ministry hospital or clinic. As the CattailsMD™ EHR is populated with comprehensive patient information; Ministry plans to provide an on-line patient portal that would allow secure, confidential access to your EHR.

What is e-prescribing?

Electronic prescribing or “e-prescribing” is a way of prescribing medications that is paperless. More specifically, it is when a clinician uses a computer with software that has been tested and certified to electronically access the patient’s prescription benefit, prescription history, and electronically route the prescription to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. Our CattailsMD™ EHR uses Surescripts™ to access prescription benefit and history information, and electronically route the prescription to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. In addition to prescription routing, when the patient runs out of refills, the pharmacist can also electronically send a renewal request to the physician for approval.

Ministry has used the CattailsMD™ EHR in centralWisconsinat Saint Clare’s Hospital and at several Ministry Medical Group offices, as well asSaint Joseph’s Hospital inMarshfieldfor many years. All Ministry Medical Group providers and all Ministry hospitals in north central Wisconsin will be added to the CattailsMD™ EHR system within the next few years.

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