Radiation Therapy

If you have a type of cancer that can be treated with radiation, you will be referred to a Ministry Health Care radiation oncologist; a physician who specializes in treating patients with radiation. Your Ministry Health Care radiation oncologist will collaborate with your Marshfield Clinic medical oncologist as well as your surgeon to oversee your care. The team will determine if your radiation treatments will be used alone or in combination with other treatment modalities. Once it is determined that radiation therapy is the appropriate treatment for you, the radiation oncologist will discuss the details of your cancer with you, the role of radiation therapy in your overall treatment plan, and what to expect from your treatment. Your team of physicians will keep each other informed of your progress. Services include:

  • Cancer consultations
  • Planning radiation treatments
  • Care during therapy
  • Follow-up care

Why radiation?

Radiation therapy is the use of various forms of radiation (photons or electrons) to safely and effectively treat cancer and other diseases. Cancer cells, by nature, have uncontrolled growth (rapidly dividing cells), and therefore are more susceptible to radiation.

Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital is equipped with the latest radiation oncology capabilities, provided by a team of caring and experienced cancer care specialists.

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